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Further Saturday amendments

SSFA_Office August 6, 2016 Wet Weather Comments Off on Further Saturday amendments

W’ware                 W16D to 5Sports             3V4        4.00 pm

1V2        5.45 pm

WHO 2                  W12C to Boystown          3V4         8.00 am

1V2         9.15 am

WHO 1                  15B to Boystown            3V4        10.30 am

1V2        12.10 pm

WHO 1                  21C to Boystown             3V4         2.00 pm

1V2        4.00 pm

Grays Point 2      13C to Grays point 1        3V4        11.30 am

                                                                                1V2        1.00 pm

WHO 2                  12E to Ridge 3                    3V4        9.00 a.m.

                                                                                1V2        10.15 a.m.

Wooloware 1     14D to Ridge 3                   3V4        11.45 a.m.

                                                                                1V2        1.15 p.m.

Kareela 3              W16B to Box Road 1       1V2        2.30 pm              (Eagles VS RSL only)


Canberra Rd       13B to Kareela 2                3V4        6.00 p.m.            (Monday 8th August)

                                13B to Kareela 3                1V2        6.00 p.m.            (Monday 8th August)


Canberra Rd       21B to Kareela 3                3V4        7.30 p.m.            (Monday 8th August)

                               21B to Kareela 2                1V2        7.30 p.m.             (Monday 8th August)


Loftus                   W12B to Kareela 2           3V4        6.00 p.m.            (Thursday 11th August)

                                W12B to Kareela 3           1V2        6.00 p.m.            (Thursday 11th August)


Loftus                   14B to Kareela 2                3V4        7.30 p.m.             (Thursday 11th August)

                                14B to Kareela 3                1V2        7.30 p.m.             (Thursday 11th August)

16B and 16A competition semi finals now moved from Thursday 11th August to Saturday 13th August

Ground and time to be advised.


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