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WPL Update – SSFA v Olympic & Central Coast

WPL v Central Coast (Sun 2 July)


First Grade vs Central Coast.   Won 4 – 1


How things can change in 5 days. Today we came away with the points but it wasn’t pretty.


We didn’t stick to our normal play, we didn’t let the ball do the work. We did manage 3 goals in the first half, one to Jordan, one to Raegan and one to Nicole and Morgan finished of the 2nd half with our fourth.


We did at times look good and I think the tough games mid-week might have contributed to today’s inconsistent play. We got away with the win when we didn’t play our best, and with wins to our Reserves and 17’s we add another 9 points to the club championship.


Inter at home next week.


Reserve Grade vs Central Coast.   Won 2 – 1

It was a superb, sunny afternoon at Harrie Dening and the reserve grade girls were ready to take on Central Coast after their win on Thursday against Olympic. Hearing the news that Mel had been promoted to first grade didn’t go down too well… but we were very happy for her!! We also missed our football stars Laz and Di!

Mark told us not to underestimate Central Coast. His pre-game talk was simple yet powerful – energy, patience, decision making.

The first half didn’t kick off as well as we had planned. Our backs Zoe Y, Lily, Zoe H, skipper Maddie and later Rosh did an outstanding job of controlling the game and keeping the ball in our half. We lost our flying winger Kara within the first 15 mins due to her back injury. Wishing her a speedy recovery!! All the panic and lack of composure in the front third saw many great opportunities narrowly missed up front! In the words of the great Mark, there is no shot clock!!! Half time 0-0.

After consuming our waters, gatorades, snakes, strawberry creams and watermelons, the ressie girls were ready to rumble. Mark provided us with his wise tactics and reminded us that we weren’t playing to our usual standard. In the 2nd half Toni and Emma G tore up the midfield and helped create some near chances for Jenaya, Britt and Bec. A corner from Em W found Toni’s head and put us in the lead 1-0. Maddie had an outstanding game as always and was there to finish a deflection from Em’s shot shortly after to put us up by 2. CC gave us a friendly reminder that they didn’t drive 3 hours down the coast to lose when they scored with 15 mins to go. A huge wake up call, all the girls dug deep to not concede any more goals. Loz was solid in defence and a special mention to Steph for making some great saves!

Full time score 2-1. Not the result we had hoped for but good to get the win. See you all next Sunday at HD after some much needed shooting practice during the week (for me)!

A big thanks to Toni, Grace and Sarah for their efforts and helping our team out today! (By Emily)




WPL17’s  SSFA  2  vs  CCM  0

On a beautiful winter morning at home our girls started strongly and their enthusiasm paid off when Leanna swooped and scored in the 4th minute. The perfect start !! Despite a Mariners break and shot in the 31st minute, Sutho dominated posession and field position and the half time score remained 1 nil.

The 2nd half was a arm wrestle as the opposition became more determined but as in the 1st Sutho had by far the best chances. Our defence was confident as was our keeper Matilda. Enterprising runs were made by the outside backs and Brodie was rewarded for her effort to get forward when, in the 47th minute, her strong shot got the better of their keeper . 2 nil !! The midfield didn’t stop working and creating and coaches Steve & Nic made strategic changes that ensured we kept the pressure on until the final whistle. Sutho 2nd half stats – shots 8 corners 6. Well done girls !!!


WPL15’s  SSFA  1  vs  CCM  0


A sensational end to a very strong beginning. We were psyched to beat the Mariners. Our team took to the field with determination in our stride. This was evident in our domination during the 1st half with 8 shots on goal – 1 of them being in the first 10 seconds! Our teamwork was excellent as was our communication. We were passing precisely and keeping the ball in tight spaces. The Mariners were finding it hard to take the ball off us. As the half time whistle blew the score was settled at 0-0.

After reflecting on our 1st half we were hungry to win. Our backs held out for the whole game even with our centre back, Alex, getting concussed. The quick hands of Akala kept the Mariners from scoring. As the time ticked away our mids were loosening the Mariners defence and getting more opportunities on goal with 4 near misses. We kept pushing forward, but the feel on the pitch became desperate as the final seconds closed in.

Just as we thought the game was over Amelia intercepted the ball and passed it down the line to summer, who then crossed the ball to Mia which she buried into the back of the net. Finalising the score 1-0!!! Great job girls! GO SUTHO!!


WPL13’s. Result 2-1 loss


A very chilly start to the day. We had a great first half with Milly and Tilly making great combinations, with Abbey and Nic and Lucy saving us in the backs. Central coast scored early in the first half but we did not give up. Tilly and Giules had some amazing runs down the sidelines and Tilly took and amazing shot to tie it up 1-1. Second half we weren’t as pumped with Central Coast scoring in the first minute. Everyone started to get tired and we stopped playing at our best. We tried as hard as we could but the ball just didn’t want to go in the back of the net



SSFA WPL v Olympic (27, 29 & 30 June)


First Grade. Tues 27th June vs Olympic. Lost 1 – 0


Top of table clash was going to be a tough, physical game and this didn’t disappoint. The intensity and pace of the game was constant for the whole 90 minutes.


Our striker Danielle received an injury to the knee late in the first half but tried to continue on in the 2nd only to concede to the injury 12 minutes into the second half.


Sydney Olympic netted a goal from a corner and girls kept trying to equalize. A tough game and we look forward to the return match last game of the round.


Reserve Grade. Thurs 29th June vs Olympic. Won 4 – 1

Thursday Evening 29th June was a cold night and saw us playing our washed out make up game v Sydney Olympic, thankfully at home. (round 9)

We started out quite ordinary.  With a few changes of positions due to injury, it took us a while to get the ball moving at the pace we needed. We were playing our style of football with our passing and switching of play, but unfortunately not always finding our fellow players with our touches.

Olympic were playing a very different style of football, boot it up the middle and chase with a very physical game.

Olympic scored mid way through the first half and not long after that, they, luckily for us, booted a direct penalty way over the goal posts.

Zoe Y was everywhere cutting  Olympic down and creating opportunities.

So down 1 nil at half time we knew we needed to start playing much smarter football in the second half.

And we did, after a pass across the goal from Mel to keep the goalie guessing Maddie made the equalizer hers !  Bec and Emma were everywhere halting the oppositions attack. Our backs working hard, making sure Olympic could not score. Lily often coming out of a physical tussle making the ball all hers.

We started to lift as a team, Mel scoring our next, turning the ball in front of goal and shooting. Up 2-1

With some handy substitutions from our bench, we took control of the game. Reagan scoring our 3rd goal with a powerful and accurate left foot shot.  Mel scored our final goal heading the ball away from the goalie and kicking it in.

Feels good to come away with the 3 points and a convincing win after a slow start. ( by Mel )



WPL17. Fri 30 Jun.   SSFA 4   Vs   Olympic   1


It was a very cold night so the girls were keen to get warmed up. The game started at a fast pace with the ball moving up and down the field quickly. There was plenty of intensity and both teams played some great football. In the first 20 minutes we had a few chances with the closest coming as Leanna beating multiple players then getting the ball across to the middle to Bec who managed to strike it well but it just went over the cross bar.

The Olympics strikers who were strong and quick tested our defence a number of times but our girls held strong and kept them out.

Brodie took a good throw-in allowing the ball to make its way to the middle where Bridget took control of the ball, beat a player and took the opportunity to have a crack. The keeper got her hands to it but only patted it into the back of the net. Sutherland 1 Olympic Nil. After some good defence by Olympic and conceding a corner Brodie and Georgia took a short corner allowing Brodie space to shoot but again just going over the bar.

The second half again saw some great ball work in the middle with Bec, Grace and Jasmine playing some great balls out wide and through the middle but we couldn’t capitalise on them.   Christina and Bella both made a number of good runs down the flanks and both did their job well by putting the ball into the middle giving the strikers and attacking mids opportunities to score.   Jasmine played a nice ball putting Sutherland on the attack, Olympic pushed us wide and Sophia managed to beat a couple of players then crossed the ball to Bec who hit it first time with her left foot placing it just wide of the keeper and into the goal. 2-0.

Olympic continued to pressure the backs with fast and strong play but as always the Zammit girls continued to be strong in defence and closed down their opportunities. Brodie and Emily were also strong with both girls making some good runs forward.

From a throw in the ball was pushed to the middle where Georgia controlled the ball then she beat her defender allowing her to strike the ball into the back of the net. Sutherland 3 Olympic Nil. Olympic continued to push the boundaries and it eventually paid off when Olympic took a goal kick then managed to put a through ball between our defenders for their striker who regathered and struck it well. Emma made a great attempt to save the ball but it managed to sneak past her into the corner. Suth 3 Olympic 1. From the kick off Sutherland responded quickly with a lovely through ball by Bec to Sophia who didn’t miss the opportunity to score. Shortly after the full time sounded locking in a good 4 to 1 win for Sutherland.

The team overall played good football with all the girls putting in a strong effort and a well-deserved win.


WPL13. SSFA vs Sydney Olympic – round 9 – 30/6/17. 4-3 WIN

Well what can I say ….. what a fantastic effort by all the girls on the field tonight. Our 2nd half was the best we’ve played for a long time because we played as a team.  Geoff said a few words to us at half time when we were down 3-1 which made the difference. He said ” I’ve never coached a team so resilient……you girls didn’t drop your heads even though you were losing. Forget about the score and go out and play like you’ve never played before “…..and we did! Thanks to our goal scorers Milly and Meagan for putting us back in the game,  and of course little Bee who scored the 4th winning goal. Congratulations on your first goal Bee.  GO SUTHO! ⚽ (Giuliana)

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