Monday, February 18, 2019
Sutherland Shire Football Association

Players Wanted – 2019 Season

The Clubs listed below are seeking players for the following teams:

Bangor: Looking for WSB Goal Keeper.  Please contact: Russell Marsden 0414 703 283

Bonnet Bay: Looking for U10 boys – 2 players, U13D –  1 player,  U14B – 1 player, W11 girls 2 players, W14B/E  2 players,  W18C – 2 players, W21C – 2 players, , W37B – 3 players,  O35E 3 players, O45D 4 players.  Please contact: 0414-579-206 or

Como: Looking for W10B girls – 3 players.  Please contact: Adam 0429-486-733.  U11A boys, looking for Goal Keeper.  Please contact: Dylan 0404-047-729. U13A boys – 2 players, including Goal Keeper.  Please contact: Gerard: 0405-611-252 . W16 Goal Keeper (must have experience).  Please contact: Julia 0409-241-011.  W21A Looking for Goalkeeper.  Please contact: Darel 0401-712-432.  Players required for AL2.  Please contact Chris: 0430 006 552.

Cronulla RSL: Looking for W11 girls, U14B and U15B boys, and W18B Goal Keeper. Please contact: .  Looking for AL2 Goal Keeper.  Please contact: Mertel 0423 -156- 190  or  Looking for 4-5 players for O35C.  Please contact: Lorrie Ciccarelli

Engadine Crusaders:  Looking for boys and girls for a mixed U9 team and ladies for  W37 team.  Please contact:

Engadine Eagles: Looking for players W8, W10, W11, U12 and U13 boys, W30 and O35’s.  Please contact: Scott Vitelli 0411-818-806 or Col Berry 0403- 163-228.

Georges River: Looking for W14, U18 B/C, W18C, W18A Goal Keeper, AL11, AL13/14, W37B and 45D players.  Please contact Melissa:

Grays Point: Looking for players for W10, new players welcome.  Please contact:   U11 D/E team, (both teams require 3 players), W14 A/B and W14C/D team, (both teams require 3 players).  Please contact: Scott Button W18C/D team require 3-4 players.  Please contact:

Gwawley Bay: Looking for players for U6 – U8 boys and girls, U11 boys, Senior Women (E grade), and AL men (9/10 grade).  Please contact: Renee  0416-005-411 or Boyd 0452-500-466.

Gymea: Looking for  W10 – 4 players, U12A/B, W12 1-2 players, W14 (players of all abilities),  WSA –  require 2 or 3 players and Goalkeeper.   Please contact: Anthony 0404- 653 -301 or

Heathcote: Looking for U7boys – 2 players, U9 boys 1-2 players, U13/14 boys 3-4 players, U18 boys 2 players, AL mens team  3 players (lower grade).  Please contact: Michelle 0413-019-848

Kirrawee: Looking for players for U12C/D.  Please contact: Kelly 0405-273-894 and players for U21C/D.  Please contact: Nathan 0420-889-056.  WSG team are looking for players.  Please contact: Kelly 0405-273-894.

Lilli Pilli: Looking for players for Senior Women, (lower grade, a fun social team).  Please contact:

Loftus: Looking for players to join W12 and W14 girls and U18 boys. Please contact: Barbra Sharp 0412- 822- 596 or

Marton:  Looking for players for U7 boys – 1 player required, W8 girls – 2 players required, U10 B/E grade – 3 players required, W11 girls – 3 players required, W14 girls -2 players required, W16B grade- 3 players required.  Please contact:

Miranda: Looking for players W8 (high grade), U12B/C boys 5-6 players, U15B/C boys 4-5 players, and O35D .Please contact:

Redbacks: Looking for boys U12 (low grade), U14 C/B, U18/21 C/B grade and players for AL (AL 5 – AL9) mens team.  Looking for girls for W14 (low grade), W16B, W21(low grade) and players for Senior Women.  Please contact: Andy Nuedegg 0410-691-285.

North Sutherland: Looking for players  AL (players of any grade) O35 and o45 mens team.  Please contact:

Bosco: Looking for players for W21A Goalkeeper, W30C require 1-2 players and W37A require 4-5 players.  Please contact Senior Registar:

St.Patricks: Looking for players for W12B. Please contact: Corrine 0418-404-645.  Looking for 3 players and Goalkeeper to join W16B/C. Please contact: Dave: 0406-427-848

Sylvania Heights: Looking for Players to join 11A , GoalKeeper required, please contact: Chris  0413- 304 -624.  U12A/B team, please contact: Steve  0417- 466- 634.  Looking for 6 players to join the W12A/C (likely grade), including a Goalkeeper, please contact David: 0411 -188 -661.  Looking for players for U16 boys.  Please contact: Rob Miller: 0401-429-759. Looking for players to join U18A/B team. Please contact: John 0417-689-065.


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