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Wet Weather impact on Saturday Semi Finals

SSFA General Manager August 5, 2016 Football News, Wet Weather Comments Off on Wet Weather impact on Saturday Semi Finals

The long range weather forecast for the month of August is not looking good. Light to Moderate rain is predicted. We do have a spare weekend to use for the Finals Series, however experience has taught us that we cannot rely on one weekend.

The SSFA EC has decided to play semi-finals on fields that are available.  Normally if we cannot accommodate all games the round is called out. This will not be the case during the final series.

This will have various competitions out of sync, however the most important issue is getting games played.


The SSFA have already been advised of a number of fields that are called out and where possible we have re-allocated games – refer below list and the amended draw.

Further inspections will be undertaken by clubs on Saturday morning and the wet weather officers notified – watch this space for further changes (hopefully not too many).

Sunday matches will be assessed on Saturday, taking into consideration the conditions.


The main endeavour is to get games played and competitions completed. We may also have to play games mid-week on fields that are capable of holding matches. Changes may not suit all, but we need to be flexible, as a total of 176 games need to be played to complete the semi- finals.

Note that movement of games may mean that Canteen facilities are not available at some grounds (due to short notice) and that teams will need to provide their own Ground Controllers (as host Clubs may not have people readily available).

Flexibility and understanding that the priority is to play matches wherever possible are requested.

Changes to the previously published draw as at Friday 5 August at 2:00pm

Games changes for Saturday 6th August

  1. Ridge 1: W14C moved to Ridge 5 same times
  2. Seymour Shaw 2: W14D moved to Bates 2: 3v4 at 12.30pm, 1v2 at 2.00pm
  3. Bates 1: 15A moved to Buckle 1: 3v4 at 1.20pm, 1v2 at 3.00pm
  4. Bates 1: 21B moved to Canberra Rd: 3v4 at 12.30pm, 1v2 at 2.30pm
  5. Anzac 2: 12A (3v4) moved to Jannali 2 at 11.00am
  6. Anzac 2: 15C moved to Kareela 2: 3v4 at 5.00pm, 1v2 at 7.00pm
  7. Anzac 2: W16B moved to Kareela 3: 3v4 at 5.00pm, 1v2 at 7.00pm
  8. Anzac 3: 12A (1v2), W16A, 16C moved to Bundeena same times
  9. Solander 1: 14C moved to Bates 2: 3v4 at 9.30am, 1v2 at 11.00am
  10. Gymea 2: 13C moved to Grays Point 1: 3v4 at 9.00am, 1v2 at 10.30am
  11. Gymea 1: 16A moved to Kareela 2 Thursday 11th Aug: 3v4 at 6pm, 1v2 at 8.00pm
  12. Gymea 1: 16B moved to Kareela 3 Thursday 11th Aug: 3v4 at 6pm, 1v2 at 8.00pm
  13. Kareela 4: 18E moved to Kareela 2 Tuesday 9th Aug: 3v4 at 6pm, 1v2 at 8.00pm
  14. Kareela 4: 18A moved to Kareela 3 Tuesday 9th Aug: 3v4 at 6pm, 1v2 at 8.00pm

All other games at this stage are on as scheduled.





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