Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Sutherland Shire Football Association

WPL SSFA v Bankstown (Sunday 15 April)

Reserve Grade. SSFA 2 v Bankstown 1
Our strong starting line-up and strong bench had our team entering the game with confidence. Mark wanted the girls to apply pressure and if the ball became a hand-over then to re-set quickly. There was no time for having heads pointed to the ground. The girls worked well to achieve this. Our backs were once again a force to be reckoned with. Kellie leading the way with direction and good passes to our mid fields Ash, Lauren and Georgia. A fantastic save by Kellie as Bankstown took a penalty only 15 metres from the box.
Lily, Zoe and Kate made excellent sideline runs, passing the ball off to either Gen, Lani or Beth on the run. During the first half we dominated the goal area and were unlucky that we were only 1-0 at half time. Our goal was a great combination of Kate throwing a lovely long sideline pass to Lauren who checked in on the back goal line. Lauren with quick feet passed onto Gen, who tapped it home.
Our 2nd half started in a slump, but we did reset and as our fresh reserves entered the game we improved the score to 2-0. Gen made a strong kick to the goal and the Bankstown goalie looked like she would safely capture it but we reset, had our heads up and Gen followed through to challenge the goalie and put the ball in the back of the net. We were tiring near the end and starting to stand rather than anticipate. A loss of concentration gave Bankstown the chance they needed and with 10 minutes to go scored against us.
The girls should be happy with this win today. There were a lot of combinations and it was unfortunate that they didn’t end in goals. One particular combination from the backs to the mids to the strikers was brilliant to watch: Kate on the run, pass to Lauren, then Georgia, and to Beth up front who saw she was heavily marked, crossed it to Lani. Lani took on the goalie and just missed the goal . The smokey weather over the last couple of days saw some of our girls suffer with their asthma, but they soldiered on – look after yourselves girls. Rest up.

WPL14. SSFA 1 vs Bankstown 0
Today we had an early wake up once again for our away game against Bankstown city lions FC. We started off with our regular warmup and then, jumped right into the first half, we had an alright first half but the condition of the pitch made us drop our standards. Our passes were weak and we struggled to complete them. We also kept the ball for too long and didn’t release it early enough. However we managed to switch the play swiftly across the field, have some good runs and shots.
In the second half we kept our heads up. Our through balls and passes became a lot better which lead to a great goal from Milly. Overall we played well and didn’t let the other team score a goal.
Thank you for Sarah and Laura for your assistance, you guys did a great job. Jade

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