Competition Tables – Impact of Regrading

Pursuant to Rule 20. D and 20. E (copied below) please note that Competition Tables have now been adjusted to reflect those teams that have been regraded up or down a division/ grade (subsequent to four rounds of football having been completed). The revised tables will be visible after round 5 results have been published.

Impacted teams are asked to review the below calculation methodology. Teams are asked to approach their respective Club with any questions, with the Club contacting the Association if an error is apparent or clarification is required.



 D. The allocation of points to teams being regraded both up and down will be as follows:

                (a)          The team being graded up take 2/3 of their points and goals.

                (b)          The team being graded down to take 1/3 points and goals of the team they are replacing.

                (c)           Teams being regraded down into a bye position will be allocated 1/3 of the points and goals of the team leading that competition after four (4) rounds.

                (d)          Where an uneven number is involved in any of these calculations it shall be rounded to next larger whole number.

E.            If a team does not replace the regraded team leaving a bye round in the competition, then all teams that have played the regraded team will be deemed to have scored points for a bye but goals will be disregarded.

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