Concussion Study

The SSFA is pleased to support The University of Sydney as it undertakes a research study to develop Knowledge of Concussion in the Sporting Community.

All interested parties are invited to take part in this study; that will help to improve our understanding of concussion recognition and management in those persons most closely associated with a player who sustains a head knock or concussion, particularly those involved with youth and adolescent players, as well as players themselves.

This knowledge will be assessed with an online questionnaire which takes about 15 minutes to complete.

The University of Sydney are looking for help from

  • coaches,
  • sport trainers,
  • referees,
  • team managers,
  • teachers,
  • parents/guardians of players
  • players (18 years and over)

If members are interested to participate, please follow the link to the questionnaire

Paper copy questionnaires are also available if people prefer to fill the questionnaire out this way.

If members would like to know more about the study, there is an information sheet provided with the questionnaire, or  Dr Rhonda Orr at the University of Sydney is happy to be  contacted on (02) 9351 9475 or at

The findings will help to ensure players’ long-term health and welfare in sport and inform decisions which will make their sport safer and more enjoyable for all to participate.




Jeff Stewart

General Manager

Sutherland Shire Football Association

Ph. 9542 3577


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