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Sutherland Shire Football Association

Grassroots Football Expo – March 25

FNSW in conjunction with the SSFA and FFA will be holding a Small Sided Football (SSF) Expo on Monday 25 March 2013.

Optus Small Sided Football Education Session


Date & Time:                         Monday 25 March 2013. 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Presenter:                Oscar Gonzales – FNSW, Marshall Kean – FFA

Location:                  Harrie Dening Centre, Bates Drive, Kareela.

COST: FREE of Charge


ACCREDITATION:        All attendees will receive a GrassRoots Coaching Certificate


REGISTRATION:           Register your attendance via the following link:

Grassroots Expo Course – Monday 25 March 2013 – Harrie Dening Football Centre, KAREELA




The purpose of these practical sessions is to provide coaches involved in Optus Small Sided Football, with education relating to how their players/teams can be more effective and get the maximum benefit out of OSSF.

In session one the following information will be explained and demonstrated. For under 6s / 7s the development goal is learning to master the ball.

Duration 25 minutes

  • Format for session one will be for under 6s / 7s playing on a  30m x 20m field (using course participants).
  • Correct interpretation of all rules.
  • Restarts after a goal has been scored .
  • The importance of attacking team retreating to halfway when there is a goal kick.
  • When defending team has a goal kick, they should have 1 player to the left one to the right and 1 central so that the player on the ball has 3 options. This will be demonstrated.
  • The use of football terminology that this age group can identify “pass” oppose to “big kick”.
  • How to make sure everybody is involved.
  • The importance of coaches making OSSF enjoyable for all participants.


In session two the following information will be explained and demonstrated. In under 8s / 9s the key development goal is learning to act with the ball purposefully.

Duration 25 minutes

  • Format for session two will be for the under 8s / 9s playing 7 v 7 on  a 40m x 30m field  (using course participants).
  • Rules explained in detail for 8s / 9s format.
  • Explanation of why goalkeepers cannot kick the ball out of their hands.
  • Curriculum suggest that teams in this format play 1-3-3 formation this will be explained in minor detail.
  • The use of football terminology that this age group can identify eg “pass and move”.
  • The field will be will be marked into thirds so that players and coaches can identify back, middle and front thirds.
  • These thirds will be explained, pass out of back, pass or dribble in middle third, and pass, dribble or shoot in front third.

At the conclusion of the two session coaches will be permitted a 5–10 minute Q&A.



All candidates are reminded to bring suitable attire to be actively involved in practical sessions including boots and shinguards as well as writing materials. Drink bottles and hats are also recommended. All participants must bring a ball pumped.

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