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Sutherland Shire Football Association

Love Football… Get Involved… Become a Referee!

Refereeing is a great way to stay involved in the game, keep fit, earn some extra pocket money but more importantly it’s an opportunity to give back to the footballing community. The great thing about refereeing is its open to all, both men and women, of varying levels of fitness and footballing experience. Our only requirement [to join our association] is that you are 14 years of age at the beginning of the winter football season*

Becoming a referee is now a much simpler process than ever before. Referees are required to complete their Laws of the Game / LOTG Certificate, which is a [free] online course run by the FFA and can be done in your own time in the comfort of your home. Once completed, you will be required to complete your FFA Level 4 Practical Certificate. The practical certificate is a one day course run by the Sutherland Shire Football Referees Association (SSFRA) and is FFA accredited. Upon successful completion of both these courses, you will be fully accredited to referee football both in the Sutherland Shire and throughout Australia. We recommend you visit our website for more details on how to become a referee.

SSFRA referees are appointed to games across the Sutherland Shire (and beyond for those of you who are able to progress and officiate in Football NSW and FFA run competitions). SSFRA currently has referees, assistant referees and referee coaches officiating on the A-League, W-League, National Youth League and the National Premier Leagues.

There are fees and uniform costs to become a referee but once you are a member, you will be paid for all of your matches, and the match fees can be found here:

Still interested in refereeing? Visit our website for a detailed brief on how to become a referee, including details on what’s involved and the costs associated with becoming a member of the Sutherland Shire Football Referees Association.


Before you ask a question, visit the following webpage:  to learn more about our intake courses

For enquiries regarding referee accreditation and the Laws of the Game Certificate:

For all other enquiries:

*For those who wont be 14 years of age at the beginning of the season, you can still referee with your local club. Talk to your club referees coordinator to find out how your can get involved as a Game Leader in the Small Sided Games

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