Match Report AYL13 15/5/21 vs Manly

Match Report AYL13 SSFA vs Manly – Saturday 15th May

The AYL13 parents and boys headed North on a fresh and pleasant Saturday morning to play against Manly who were leading the comp.

Stefan and Ben warmed the team prior to the match before starting a slightly different line up for the first half. The first half showed what our boys have been practicing all year – good composure, smart passing and switching of plays. The first half score was 0-0 and the boys knew that had a real fighting chance to win the game. Some inspirational words from Coach Stefan at half time rallied the boys to perform their best half of soccer yet this session. The first goal came about from persistent pressure of the backline and Myles Panozzo relished a keeper fumble to compose himself to slot in a left foot kick in the back of the net.

The second goal came after some quick movement of the ball on the left side of the pitch to create a steaming Henry Pham who cut in on his right while in the box and kicked the ball over the head of the keeper to score a wonderful goal. All the boys ran up and cuddled each other in a circle as they knew this goal was pretty special and symbolic of how they have been playing. The icing on the cake came in the last seconds of the game when a shot on goal collected a hand of one of the Manly boys in the box. Stefan directed David Mucci to take the penalty and he confidently kicked passed the keeper’s right to finish off a marvellous win 3-0.


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