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Met Far South U15 Team Win 2016 Tournament – September 2016

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This year the Metro Far South Under 15 Team competed at Griffith. This tournament was tough from start to finish.  The history books will show that MFS U15’s won the 2016 tournament.  What the books won’t show is the enthusiasm, the vitality and the exuberant vigour with which the players approached every game and with which their excited supporters celebrated.

From the outset this campaign had the feel of a new dawn. We faced and overcame many challenges. No wolves boys turned up to trials as they were touring Spain. This opened up opportunities for kids playing local club football. And boy did they grasp their chance. Our injury toll was such that we played our last game, our must win game with one sub.mfs15

For a team of walking wounded I was proud with the general game play and the boys desire to play and support the player with the ball. We talked about the little thing, things that they can control and what they meant to the big things, things out of their control. To their credit the boys stayed focused on the little things and didn’t waste time or energy on the big things. Eventually the little things took care of the bigger things. So well done team!!!

Perhaps the most enjoyable part in the teams development was watching them maintaining possession of the ball. Every time teams went long we said thanks for the opportunity to take the ball and we did. The boys used their short passing game to frustrate their opponents and at times their vocal crowd, resulting in oppositions scrambling for most of the game. We looked good when we pass and move, when we use wall passes and use screen runs through the opposition goal area. We created good goal scoring opportunities from these strategies, look long, pass short and move off of the ball, that was our football motto.

As coach of this team all I can say is that I enjoyed every minute of football the boys played and that I am proud of every player. Well done boys you gave me, your parents and the rest of the crowd at Griffith 100% all week and your football was enjoyable to watch.  The boys are a credit to their families, Association and current teams that they play for. Good luck with your footballing futures and I hope to see you around the grounds.

Coach Dragan Blazevic

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