Monday, November 18, 2019
Sutherland Shire Football Association


Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) in conjunction with the Sutherland Shire Football Referees Association (SSFRA) advise that we will be introducing a trial of two new game management strategies designed to address instances of poor behaviour and lack of respect for the game by players and/or team officials. The below summarises these two initiatives; which have been recommended by IFAB, FFA and FNSW.

2018 – Officials Cautions & Send Offs. (All Competition Matches)
1. Yellow and Red Cards will be issued for team officials in the 2018 season for their behaviour
2. This is complementary to the current “Ask, Tell, Remove” policy which referees currently implement when dealing with misbehaviour for team officials
3. The objective of the policy is to make it clear to everyone, including the team officials, what stage of warning they are at.
4. Only persons named on the team sheet may be present in the technical
5. The “Ask” is still a verbal warning
6. The “Tell” will now be complemented by the referee showing the yellow card
7. The “Remove” will be made clear to everyone by the referee showing the red card

2018 – Temporary Dismissals (Sunday Matches Only)
1. Where a player is guilty of “Dissent by word or action” that player is shown a yellow card and
the referee points to the technical area. This is not optional.
2. The player must retire to the technical area for a period of 10 minutes, and the team plays with one less player for that period.
3. The objective of the policy is to minimise dissent and to keep referees refereeing
4. The persons in the technical area (including the player themselves) keep the time (starting from when the player leaves the field) but the referee keeps a record and has the final say
5. Dissent by action includes crowding officials
6. Any second caution will result in the player being sent off and that player cannot be replaced.
Any Caution with a Temporary Dismissal is included.
7. Players guilty of offensive, insulting and abusive language or gestures will still be sent off
8. Referees are still instructed to use verbal warnings to manage frustration and minor complaints
from players, but dissent will result in a caution & a temporary dismissal

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