Over 35s – Have you got your pink slip yet?

The outdoor winter football season is underway again and like me, despite everybody else reminding you of your age, you have committed for another season to the game you love.

We are one of the fastest growing segments of the game, weekend warriors male and female over 35 and over 30 respectively looking to get fit or stay fit whilst enjoying the interactions with friends and the larger football community.

This comes with great benefit but not without risk. Football is a great way to keep fit and healthy, prolonging activity and promoting personal well-being.

People who exercise regularly also feel more energetic, manage their weight better, have lower blood pressure and have stronger muscles and bones.

However we should not take our health for granted just because we can still kick a ball.

If you own a car each year you are asked to re-register it and if it is not brand new you are asked to get a pink slip – In New Zealand they call it a Warrant of Fitness. You then pay your insurance and then you are free to drive it for another year.

Football is not much different except for one thing, we don’t ask you about your fitness, we don’t ask if you have checked under your bonnet, or if your tyres and brakes are okay.

For our cars we wouldn’t think twice about checking those things and fixing what’s required. Sometimes it costs a bit and we lose a few hours at the mechanics but we do it because we need to ensure our car stays on the road.

Let’s face it, our bodies are not brand new. If you were like most, you probably invested more in your boots this year than your health checks.

To ensure we all continue to enjoy the game we love I ask of you one thing. See your GP and get your pink slip early this season.

It is possibly the most important investment you will ever make. You need to be healthy to stay healthy.

Have a great season and I hope you enjoy every moment,

Greg O’Rourke
Football NSW Chairman
Over 45’s Player

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