Thursday, December 12, 2019
Sutherland Shire Football Association

Players Wanted – 2019 Season

SSFA Players Wanted

The Clubs listed below are seeking players for the following teams:

Bangor: Looking for players for 11D and U13D. Please contact: Brian Somerville WSB looking for Goal Keeper.  Please contact: Russell Marsden 0414 703 283

Bonnet Bay: Looking for players for the following teams – W8, W14E, W18C, W37A & AL8  Please contact: 0414-579-206 or

Bundeena Maianbar:  Looking for 5 players for O45C team.  Please contact:

Barden Ridge: Looking for players for U7 (all grades), U12, W18C, AL12 & O35F.  Please contact: David Batten

Como: Looking for W10B girls – 3 players.  Please contact: Adam 0429-486-733.  U11A boys, looking for Goal Keeper.  Please contact: Dylan 0404-047-729.  Looking for U14 boys (low grade). Please contact: Chris 0430-006-552 . Looking for W12 (Ages 10- 12 in 2019) and W14 players (Ages 12-14 in 2019).  Please contact Chris: 0430-006-552.   W16 Goal Keeper (must have experience).  Please contact: Julia 0409-241-011.  W21A Looking for Goalkeeper.  Please contact: Darel 0401-712-432.   Goalkeeper required for W21C. Please contact Craig: 0433- 109-717 Players required for AL2.  Please contact Chris: 0430 006 552.  Goalkeeper required for O35B. Please contact: Craig: 0433-109-717

Cronulla RSL: Looking for  W8B2 & W18B (Goal Keeper). Please contact:  Looking for AL2 (Goal Keeper).  Please contact: Mertel 0423 -156- 190  or

Cronulla Seagulls: Looking for players U8 boys (4 players) , U12 boys (4 players),  U18 boys (4 players).  Please contact:

Engadine Crusaders:  Looking for boys and girls for U7 teams. Please contact: Club Secretary Amanda

Engadine Eagles: Looking for players W10C, U13D boys, W18A (GoalKeeper) & O35F.  Please contact: Scott Vitelli 0411-818-806 or Col Berry 0403- 163-228.

Georges River: Looking for W10B, W10C, W14A, W18A players (includingGoal Keeper), W18C, WSD (including GoalKeeper), W37B, 45C & 45D. Please contact Melissa:

Grays Point: W21 is looking for 3-4 players.  Please contact:

Gwawley Bay: Looking for W18A (GoalKeeper preferred ) & Senior Women players (E grade). Please contact: Bec 0416-408-279 or Boyd 0452-500-466.

Gymea: Looking for U13D boys (up to 5 players), W12 (1-2 players), AL2 (Goalkeeper), WSA (2 -3) players and Goalkeeper, WSC Goalkeeper. Please contact: Anthony 0404- 653 -301 or Enzo

Heathcote: Looking for U7boys – 2 players, U9 boys 1-2 players, U10 boys, U14 boys, U18 boys -2 players,  AL mens team – 3 players (lower grade).  Please contact: Michelle 0413-019-848

Kirrawee: Looking for players for W8C (1-2 players),  U21E boys, (2-3 players), WSA (4-5 players) and AL6 (2-3 players).  Please contact Kelly 0405-273-894.

Lilli Pilli: Looking for W12 girl players (Ages 11 or 12 in 2019), W14 C/D/E players (Ages 13 or 14 in 2019), W16B players (Ages 15 or 16 in 2019), W18B players (Ages 17 or 18 in 2019), W21A players, (Ages 18,19,20 in 2019).  Please contact:

Loftus: Looking for players to join W12 and W14 C/D girls, W18 girls, U18 boys & W30. Please contact: Barbra Sharp 0412- 822- 596 or

Miranda: Looking for players W8 (high grade),  W10A and W10C ,U12B/C boys (5-6 players) , U15B/C boys (4-5 players), W16B  and O35D Please contact:

Redbacks: Looking for U6 & U8 boys and U7 & U9 girls, and AL13 players.  Please contact: Andy Nuedegg 0410-691-285 or

North Sutherland: Looking for players  AL (players of any grade) O35 and o45 mens team.  Please contact:

Bosco: Looking for players for W21A Goalkeeper, W30C require 1-2 players and W37A require 4-5 players.  Please contact Senior Registar:

St.Patricks:  Looking for players W12B. Please contact: Corrine 0418-404-645.  Looking for U16A Goal Keeper.  Please contact: Anthony 0419-273-314 . Looking for 3 players and Goalkeeper to join W16B/C. Please contact: Dave: 0406-427-848

Sylvania Heights: Looking for Players to join U10E, free registration offered (if using active kids voucher).  Please contact registrar: Lisa Bacon

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