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Sutherland Shire Football Association


Now that the first nine (9) rounds of the season have been played, that is a round was not washed out prior to Round 10, the draw for the remainder of the season will be as follows:

  1. If a round is subsequently washed out (after and including Round 10) that particular round will not be played. All subsequent Rounds will be played on the date scheduled from now to the end of the season (refer below). This includes Round 18 which will be played by all teams on 5 & 6 August (with the exception of Point 2 below),
  2. Those teams that have already played Round 18 on 25 & 26 March (14A, 16B, 21A and W18A, SWA, AL1) respectively will play the first round that is washed out from Round 10 onwards (whilst everybody else plays Round 18). For example, if Round 11 is washed out, the 14A, 16B, 21A and W18A, SWA, AL1 will play Round 11 on 5 & 6 August respectively while all other teams will play Round 18.
  3. Plan B will now have to be advised round by round (i.e. week by week). That is, although the grades drawn to play Plan B at Kareela will remain the same (until they have played Plan B and then replaced by another grade) the opponents and times for matches will be altered – as they will now be playing the ‘washed out’ round and not Round 18.


A list of Plan B for Round 10 and Round 11 (round 11 Plan B assuming that Round 10 is not washed out) will be distributed to clubs shortly.

The below table lists all Rounds and the dates that they will now be played (unless ‘washed out’).


Hoping this make sense.



Jeff Stewart – SSFA





         SATURDAY                                                       SUNDAY


10           10 JUNE                                             10           11 JUNE

11           17 JUNE                                             11           18 JUNE

12           24 JUNE                                             12           25 JUNE

13           1 JULY                                                13           2 JULY                  SCHOOL HOLIDAYS

14           8 JULY                                                14           9 JULY                SCHOOL HOLIDAYS

15           15 JULY                                              15           16 JULY                SCHOOL HOLIDAYS

16           22 JULY                                              16           23 JULY

17           29 JULY                                              17           30 JULY

18           5 AUGUST                                         18           6 AUGUST


SEMI FINALS &                 20           12 AUGUST                                       20           13 AUGUST



FINALS &                            21           19 AUGUST                                       21           20 AUGUST



GRAND FINALS                 22           26 AUGUST                                       22           27 AUGUST


N.B.       Saturday 2nd September and Sunday 3rd September are spare days in case of washouts for Finals Series Only

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