Rule Changes

The rules that govern the administration of Football in the Sutherland Shire can be found on our website under the Documents tab on the Shire Football website.

The Association enforces these rules and the decisions made are in accordance with them. The Association (through the Executive Committee) do not make these rules, they are voted in by our clubs. To enact new rules or change existing rules, it only takes a simple majority of clubs voting in favour of the change. These rules are reviewed every two years and this year is a rule change year. If there are rules you believe should be changed, or new rules you would like to introduce, please discuss any ideas with your club. If your club believe there is merit in your proposal they can be submitted for as part of the rule change process.

The timetable for rule changes this year is:

August 10: The final date for submission of rule changes
September 14: General meeting – All rule change proposals discussed by clubs.
October 12: General meeting – Rule changes voted on by clubs

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