Friday, August 19, 2022
Sutherland Shire Football Association

SSFA CLUB Pre-Season Trial Match Requests

A reminder that all pre-season trial matches (whether inter club or intra club) need to be approved by the SSFA prior to being played.

The following SSFA CLUB Pre-Season Trial Match Request form is to be used for ALL SSFA CLUB to SSFA CLUB Matches and ALL Matches within your own club.

(For Trial Matches with Clubs outside the SSFA you will need to complete the FNSW paper form that can be downloaded via the following LINK .)

Please complete all relevant details so that the approval process can be streamlined. This includes ensuring that the field that you expect to play on is actually available during the Council Summer Allocation period.

Following are instructions on the process that is followed if such is necessary SSFA_PreSeasonTrialMatchesForm_SSFAWebsite_notes_20220118

If you have any questions please contact your Club President, Secretary or Head Coach.