Monday, September 16, 2019
Sutherland Shire Football Association


Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) is pleased to confirm the following appointments to Womens Premier League (WPL), Girls SAP (GSAP), Association Youth League (AYL) and Boys SAP (SAP) Representative Coaching positions for the 2018 season.

Womens Premier League (WPL) coaches:

  • 1st Grade Girls: Michael McGovern.
  • Reserve Grade Girls: Mark Greenfield.
  • Under 17 Girls: Steve Brown, Assistant Coach- TBD
  • Under 15 Girls: Britt Christie & Morgan Maxwell.
  • Under 14 Girls: Geoff Gidney & Georgia Manos

 Girls Skills Acquisition (GSAP) coaches:

  • Girls SAP Head Coach: Jonathan Dmoch
  • U13 Girls: Anna Kay
  • U12 Girls: Raegan Deeley
  • U11 Girls: Gen Nisbet
  • U10 Girls: Bryan Parker

Association Youth League (AYL) coaches:

  • AYL Head Coach: Stuart Blake
  • Under 16 Boys: Craig Minter
  • Under 15 Boys: Geoff Holden & Ethan Rogers (Assist)
  • Under 14 Boys: Dragan Blazevic
  • Under 13 Boys: Stefan Janic & Brian Carr (Co-coaches)

Boys Skills Acquisition (SAP) coaches:

  • Boys SAP Head Coach: Kory Babbington
  • U12 Boys: Mark Collins
  • U11 Boys: Steve Macallen & Stefan Blazevic (Assist)
  • U10 Boys: Adam Stone & Stefan Blazevic (Assist)
  • U9 Boys: Ethan Rogers.


Congratulations to all of the above coaches who will ensure a challenging and successful year ahead for selected players.

Players interested in participating in one of the programs will need to pre-register to trial at the following link for AYL and SAP or WPL and GSAP

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