State Cup 2023 Finals: SSFA Teams’ and their Success

The Football NSW State Cup 2023 finals showcased the exceptional talent within the Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA), as four teams represented our association and emerged victorious in their respective categories. The Cronulla Seagulls All Age males, Cronulla Seagulls U21 males, Como Jannali O35 males, and Cronulla Seagulls U18 males demonstrated remarkable skill, teamwork, and determination throughout the tournament, securing a clean sweep of wins in the finals.

Here’s how our teams went:

All Age Men (Bill Cullinan Cup): Cronulla Seagulls 2 defeated UNSW FC 1 (After extra time)

In a highly anticipated match between Cronulla Seagulls FC (AAM) and UNSW FC (AAM), the game got off to an intense start with the Seagulls finding themselves trailing 1-0 after 23 minutes. Struggling to gain momentum, the Seagulls were unable to find an equaliser in the first half.

Trailing by a goal, the Seagulls regrouped and showed more determination in the second half. The match became a closely contested battle, with both teams fighting for control. It wasn’t until the 75th minute when the Seagulls finally found a breakthrough, as Kobi Sharp converted a penalty kick, leveling the score and sending the game into golden goal.

During the extra time period, just 12 minutes into golden goal, Thomas Nunn delivered a decisive strike, finding the back of the net to secure a thrilling victory for the Seagulls. The team’s perseverance and persistence paid off as they celebrated a hard-fought win, showcasing their resilience and never-give-up attitude on the field.

Cronulla Seagulls FC: 1. Benjamin Andrews, 2. Andrew Banning, 3. Benjamin Raatz, 8. Luke McCosker, 9. Kobi Sharp, 10. Thomas Nunn, 13. Fabio Carvalho, 15. Jai Mellor, 19. Caleb Russell, 20. Darcy Medway, 22. Thomas Stretton, 24. Joshua Ritchie, 26. David Watson, 30. Ryan Hay, 34. Jeremy Lopez, 37. Aidan Dennis

Under 21 Men (Robertson Cup): Cronulla Seagulls 3 defeated Earlwood Wanderers 0

The clash between Cronulla Seagulls FC (Under 21 Men) and Earlwood Wanderers FC (Under 21 Men) saw the Seagulls take control right from the kick-off. In the 22nd minute, Benjamin Armstrong found the back of the net, securing the opening goal and giving the Seagulls a 1-0 lead heading into halftime.

Maintaining their dominance in the second half, the Seagulls continued to press forward. They created several opportunities and eventually doubled their advantage in the 61st minute, courtesy of Anthony Mann’s goal.

With a comfortable lead, the Seagulls didn’t let up. In the 74th minute, Luke Roberts showcased his skill by curling a shot into the net, extending the lead to 3-0. The Seagulls’ strong performance throughout the match demonstrated their ability to control the game and convert their opportunities into goals, ultimately securing a convincing victory.

Cronulla Seagulls FC: 2. William Lumb, 4. Benjamin Armstrong, 9. Adam Castle, 10. Luke Roberts, 12. Kyle Yeo, 13. Dmitry Khachumov, 14. Ryan Hardie, 15. Joshua Anderson, 16. Martin Chave, 20. Ethan Fowler, 23. Bailey Fowler, 24. Jamie Bollard, 29. James Nunn, 44. Anthony Mann, 66. James Riach

O35 Men State Cup: Como Jannali 1 defeated Dunbar Rovers 0

In the closely contested match between Como Jannali FC (O35 Men) and Dunbar Rovers FC (O35 Men), both teams battled intensely from start to finish. The game became increasingly heated after halftime, with neither team managing to find the back of the net.

The turning point came in the 57th minute when two different players from Dunbar Rovers received yellow cards, reflecting their growing frustration. This turn of events seemed to favour Como Jannali.

In the 75th minute, Paul Stuart of Como Jannali broke the deadlock and scored, giving his team a crucial 1-0 lead. However, Como Jannali’s momentum was disrupted as they received two consecutive yellow cards, one just before the goal and one after, causing a moment of panic.

In the 80th minute, Dunbar Rovers’ Brian Keating received his second yellow card, resulting in his dismissal from the match. This left Dunbar Rovers with a numerical disadvantage for the remainder of the game.

With a strong defensive effort, Como Jannali held on to their slim 1-0 lead until the final whistle, securing a hard-fought victory. Despite the late challenges and pressure, Como Jannali’s resilience and solid defensive performance enabled them to emerge victorious.

Como Jannali FC: 1. Nicholas Reily, 6. Monte Pfrengle, 7. Ben Kasznik, 8. Dominic Young, 9. Mathew Keep, 10. Brad Heffernan, 13. Paul Stuart, 15. Andrew Paine, 18. Ryan Butler, 32. Andrew Keep, 39. Ryan Davies, 5. Ashley Thacker, 23. Christopher Clarke, 30. Mitchell Cole

Under 18 Men: Cronulla Seagulls FC 2 Defeated Burwood FC 1

In a fiercely contested match between Cronulla Seagulls FC (U18 Men) and Burwood FC (U18 Men), both teams displayed great determination and put up a solid fight throughout the game.

Cronulla Seagulls FC took an early lead and went into halftime with a one-goal advantage. The first half showcased their ability to capitalise on scoring opportunities, giving them the edge heading into the break.

The second half continued to be intense, with both teams creating several chances to score. The match remained closely contested, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement as each team fought for control.

In the end, both teams managed to find the back of the net in the second half, resulting in a 2-1 victory for Cronulla Seagulls FC. Their ability to maintain their lead and secure the win showcased their resilience and ability to finish strong.

It was a hard-fought match from start to finish, and the victory for Cronulla Seagulls FC highlights their ability to seize opportunities and maintain composure under pressure.

Cronulla Seagulls FC: 2. Jackson Greck, 4. Clay Smith, 7. Luca Alegria Ferreira, 9. Matthew Nunn, 10. Luka Oliveri, 14. Harry Hindle, 17. Aiden Fielder, 20. Jackson Fox, 21. Oliver Gravenor, 23. Luke Cutcliffe, 56. Logan Coffey, 3. Jack Rich, 5. Mitchell Backhouse, 8. Will Collins, 15. Jack Moreira, 22. Patrick Schwartz

The SSFA teams showcased their incredible talent and determination in the State Cup 2023 finals, leaving a lasting impression on the competition. The Cronulla Seagulls All Age males displayed their resilience, coming from behind to secure a thrilling victory. The Cronulla Seagulls Football Club U21 males demonstrated dominance and skill, securing a convincing win. Como Jannali O35 males showcased their strength and defensive prowess, emerging as victors in a closely contested match. Lastly, the Cronulla Seagulls U18 males exhibited their ability to capitalize on opportunities and held on to secure a hard-fought victory.

Congratulations to the Cronulla Seagulls All Age males, Cronulla Seagulls Football Club U21 males, Como Jannali O35 males, and Cronulla Seagulls U18 males for their exceptional achievements in the State Cup 2023 finals. Their success highlights the depth of talent and the commitment to excellence within the SSFA. The future looks promising for these teams as they continue to represent the association with passion and determination.

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