Monday, November 18, 2019
Sutherland Shire Football Association

The Weekend Impact of Wet Weather

Will we be playing football this weekend?
Matches are expected to progress as drawn this (and every scheduled) weekend unless otherwise advised by your Club (with last minute changes also posted on the SSFA’s website – Check the draw on the SSFA website for any amendments to-date.

How and When is it decided if we will play?
The Association does not call the fields in or out! This practice ceased almost 10 years ago. Each club is now required to inspect their fields and contact the designated Association wet weather person by 6:30am on doubtful weekend days – the Club is responsible to make the ‘call’. If insufficient fields are deemed playable by the Clubs – that is there is not enough spare capacity to move games on that day after fields are called out – the days play will be ‘called off’ by the SSFA and Plan B implemented.

A decision is made day-by day on the weekend and is wholly and solely based upon safety of players – not the need to protect fields, not with a preference given to any age group or competition, or any other reason. Decisions are made as soon as practically possible after every avenue is investigated to have the entire round played.

In Short
Unless you hear otherwise from your club, or read about it on the SSFA or your club’s website, you should expect to be playing. As always, contact your club if you have any questions.
Please note that SSFA and the club officials who make the call to the SSFA deeming the fields playable or otherwise are only in the game to see more football not less. If we had an opportunity to play more football – we would!

SSFA Executive Committee

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