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Update (Mon 18 May) – Training and Resumption of Sport

Please see below advice from Sutherland Council confirming that the recent easing of restrictions does not mean that we, as a sport, are yet able to return to play or train. Specific wording that may be of interest has been highlighted.


The NSW Government has moved forward to Phase 1 of easing restrictions from Friday 15th May 2020.
At this stage the lifting of restrictions does NOT include community sport.
Whilst we are aware that the NSW Government has allowed gatherings of up to 10 people in outdoor spaces, it is understood until such time as a “Return to Play” implementation plan and guidelines have been endorsed by the Office of Sport ( for each individual sport) no organised training or competition is to take place.

Please also be aware that your sporting insurance may not cover those that train against advice.

Council is hopeful that over the coming weeks the NSW State Guidelines will be provided, a local guideline/implementation plan for each sport will be developed and we can work with each sport to transition training and start the season.
We will be working with your association and will continue to provide updates as and when the guidelines become available.
What does this mean?
· Until such time as the Office of Sport has endorsed your sports “Return to Play” implementation plan, all clubhouses and associated amenities will be closed.
· This means there will be no access permitted to anyone, including those holding keys/swipe cards, for any purpose.
· No access to floodlighting will be granted to any club until a “Return to Play” implementation Plan is endorsed and provided to Council
· Outdoor maintenance activities such as mowing are not affected by this decision and will continue as normal.
· As we become aware of any re-commencement dates for sports we will progressively lift the closures in order to allow preparations for your revised seasons and reinstate regular cleaning programs.

At this time all field lights will remain off and not be reactivated until formal approval to recommence club training is given.

We will continue to update you as we receive new and updated information.

For the safety of all clubs and players, we urge you to continue to abide by the rules and restrictions that are currently in place.

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