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WPL Match Report Proctor Cup 20 March 2016

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Women’s Premiere League: 2016 Proctor Cup

Match Date:  Saturday & Sunday, March 18th – 19th 2016

WPL 17 Champions at the 2106 Proctor Cup

WPL17 - Proctor Cup

Saturday 19/3/16 12pm

SSFA 7 v Southern Tablelands 0

Goal Scorers: Mel 3, Kristen 1, Bridget 1, Bella 1 & OG 1 (off Zoe Y cross)

In this game we were up against a Goulburn & surrounding areas invitational side. The team coasted through this game & scored some good goals when they worked to penetrate into the box.

The score line would’ve been far greater but players were more inclined to shoot from outside rather than work the combinations for a good shot. The hint should be that we got 1 from 10 to 15 shots from outside but got 6 from 8 to 10 shots when inside the box.

It is tough in games like this as everyone wants to get in on the scoring & it was a good game to start the tournament.

Saturday 19/3/16 4pm

SSFA 2 v Griffith 0

Goal Scorers: Mel 1 & Bella 1

This game was a step up in intensity from the earlier game with Griffith playing a similar style to us & made us work hard for the win. We scored 2 very good goals through Bella & Mel but the highlight was how our defence kept possession & used Emma in goals to great effect.

It was also good to hear more of Em at the back as the tournament went on. We kept possession for long periods & worked hard to get the ball forward as quickly & as often as possible with little risk.

Fantastic game & enjoyable to watch.


Saturday 19/3/16 6pm

SSFA 0 v Nepean FC 1

This was a game of contrasting styles & the 2nd time we’ve played Nepean after beating them 1-0 in a trial recently so we knew what to expect. We controlled the game having about 75% of the possession but we were looking a little flat & fatigued.

They were pressing high up the pitch & to good effect. Nepean are very physical & play long all game & unfortunately for us the bounce of the ball went their way in this game. Unfortunately for us a bit of a nothing ball went into the box at an awkward height & ricocheted off Em. They reacted quickest with their striker having time to control & stroke the ball away for our first goal against us this tournament. Probably a lesson there for or defenders to not just assume the Keeper will take the ball & cover just in case.

Still we held the ball for long periods & created enough chances to win the game & as Coach Allan said we’ve made it tougher on ourselves but we have to beat the other side’s anyway to win it.


Sunday 20/3/16 9:30am:  QUARTER FINAL

SSFA 0 v Bankstown City 0

This was the game of the tournament in my eyes. Two teams playing a similar style of Football with both games based on an attacking, possession style. They kicked off & kept possession for what seemed forever but we eventually got our foot on the ball & started to create chances.

The game went from end to end and was extremely fast paced which was surprising considering it was the 4th game of the weekend. The longer the game went on the more we got into it & started to dominate.

It all turned completely in our favor when their captain was sent off for a 2nd bookable offence.

From there we dominated up to full time & into extra time with the inevitable, a goal to us seeming the likely outcome.

Unfortunately the goal never came & it was penalty shootout time.

Emma picked the right way for 4 of them & made some super athletic leaps to try to glove some. She managed to block out their 5th & after Lilly, Kristen, Mel, Georgia M had all taken theirs it came down to Zoe H to put the final one away & us into the Semis.


Sunday 20/3/16 12:30pm:  SEMI FINAL

SSFA 0 v Inter Lions 0

Goal Scorers: Mel

Another tough battle with the physical Inter, who have learnt to play some pretty good Football over the last few years.

Both teams created chances in a very fast paced game & by the end they were looking a lot fresher than us but our defence stood solid.

We seemed to find some energy reserves in extra time & when a great cross came in from the right Mel had made her run to meet it & score the goal putting us into the Grand Final.


Sunday 20/3/16 3:00pm:  GRAND FINAL

SSFA 1 v Napean 0

Goal Scorers: Mel

Revenge time & an opportunity to show you don’t get lucky twice on our watch.

We took control of the game from the start & were creating lots of opportunity but couldn’t finish them off. Nepean weren’t pressing anywhere near as good as our pool game yesterday which helped our cause.

You have to be pretty fit to play that high pressing kick & chase game over 6 games in one weekend.

We scored midway through the 1st half when a quick shift of the ball from right to left found Mel in behind with only the Keeper to beat & she shot true. Barring a few hairy moments late in the game we never looked like conceding & the result was a fitting end to a great weekend. We got to get some work into the legs of our injured players as well as try a few players in different positions.

Bring on Round 1 against Sydney Olympic at Peter Moore Park.


WPL 13’s

WPL 15 PROCTOR Proctor Cup U13_2

What a fantastic weekend for our U13 girls. Not only did they make it to the Grand Final, but they played some pretty amazing football along the way, which is extremely positive for the season ahead.

The girls ended up playing six games over the two days, with the following results;

  • 6-2 Sutherland Shire FC v’s Bathurst District FC
  • 2-0 Sutherland Shire FC v’s Linfield FC
  • 4-0 Sutherland Shire FC v’s Canberra United
  • 5-0 Sutherland Shire FC v’s Gladesville Ravens
  • 2-0 Sutherland Shire FC v’s Inter Lions (Simi Final)
  • 2-3 Sutherland Shire FC v’s Sydney Olympic (Grand Final)

Overall the girls scored a total of 21 goals with Mia, Daniella, Meagan, Paris Keira, Holly & Kiani all finding the back of the net on various occasions. Great to see a number of our players sharing the goal scoring responsibilities.

Geoff & Georgia’s game plan of controlling possession, playing into wide spaces, switching the play and pressing forward enabled the girls to play some great football and also provided the much needed opportunities for scoring goals.

Our forwards, Mia, Paris & Meagan consistently drove forward and made it very difficult for the opposition. While on the flip side our defensive line up which consisted of Georgia E, Georgia H, Lani, Holly, Alex, Lucy and our goalies, Aimee & Akala did an amazing job of keeping some of the teams scoreless and only allowing 5 goals to be scored during the entire weekend. While our mid fielders, Daniella, Keira, Emma, Kiani & Kyra worked extremely hard every game switching the play and distributing the ball to our forwards.

While we lost in the last 10 seconds of extra time in the Grand Final the girls can hold their heads up high and be very proud of how they played, what they learnt and most of all how they bonded as a team. We are all very excited for what the season holds!!!!

Proctor Cup u13 3 


WPL 15 Proctor Cup 2016

Saturday 19/3/16 10am

SSFA 2 vs Albury Wodonga  0

Goal Scorers: Tahlee 1 & Leanna 1

Good start to the tournament for the girls with a dominant display of attacking Football.

We were playing very positive & creating lots of chances but just struggled to take the right options to finish them off.

Defensively we were solid with Enya marshalling the troops from behind well.


Saturday 19/3/16 5pm

SSFA 2 vs North Shore Mariners Navy 0

Goal Scorers: Amelia 1 & Emily 1

Turning up to this game no one what to expect, but the girls did themselves, their Coach & supporters proud.

It was a tight contest but with Ash dominating the midfield & the rest of the side following her lead the result was never in doubt.

We played some good Football & probably should’ve had a few more goals if we’d taken our chances.

The side is building nicely & playing a good attacking brad of Football.


Sunday 20/3/16 8:30am

SSFA 1 vs Canberra United Academy 2

Goal Scorers: Amelia 1

In this game we were up against a typical Canberra side that were very comfortable on the ball & very well structured.

What came was a very exciting struggle with the ball going from end to end in a very fast paced game with neither team really taking control.

We conceded midway through the 1st half what was a very avoidable goal.

Not so much the goal itself as no one can do much about a well taken free kick, but the lead up where we panicked a bit & got ourselves into trouble.

This game probably highlighted a few of the things the girls need to work on.

Like playing the easy ball rather than looking for something else & releasing the ball much earlier.

We got back on level terms through Amelia but were getting caught out at the back with Lauren called on several times to make last ditch tackles.

Unfortunately Canberra got a 2nd goal & we ran out of time to square things up.


Sunday 20/3/16 11:30am

SSFA 1 vs Gladesville 2

Goal Scorers: Charlotte 1 & Bailey 1

After waiting an hour for a referee we were told that both teams would need to do a half each & so the game began.

Needing a good result to give us a chance of making the Semis the girls started well but were up against a well drilled resilient team.

We were forced to work hard for our goals but eventually finished with 2 & the result making us the best of the rest earning us the 4th spot in the semi.


Sunday 20/3/16 1:30pm

SSFA 0 vs Inter Lions 1

Semi Finals

Sudden death from now on & the girls put in a great effort against a bigger, faster side but our skills were a good leveler.

We were defending well & Enya was making some fine saves but chances for us were few & far between.

We did have a fantastic chance late in the game but the cruel mistress that Football can be saw our opponents counter attack & caught us out a bit, going the full field to score the winner right on fulltime.

Not much we could’ve done about the strike is it was an absolute screamer of a goal, but we probably should’ve closed the player with the ball a lot earlier.

All up a fantastic tournament from the girls & Coach Steve now knows he has platform to build the season on.




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