Friday, November 15, 2019
Sutherland Shire Football Association

WPL SSFA v Emerging Jets (Sun 20 May)

W17. Win 2 – 1.
We entered the game hungry to win after many unlucky games and after the starting whistle we did well in creating chances. We defended as a team and continually tested Newcastle’s defenders with great through balls to our forwards that we were unable to finish. It was an evenly contested first half with both sides putting in their all. Our defence was doing well and there were some good saves by Bella that kept Newcastle without a point. After putting on a good fight Sutherland were unlucky to concede a goal that skimmed the crossbar. Sutherland then picked up and continued to make opportunities for the forwards resulting in a great goal from Julia. This left the half time score as 1-1.
The second half was just as close with both teams putting their all in and providing loads of chances in their final thirds. With 15 minutes to go Angelina made a great run through the middle making it 2-1. For the remainder of the game Newcastle fought hard to score but Sutherland worked as a team and continued to keep them out. More opportunities were made by both sides but the score remained 2-1 Sutherlands way by the final whistle. A fantastic game from all the girls and an even better result with many more wins to come! Also a big thank you to Ashlee and EJ for playing up and helping us out. – Lana Giampaoli

WPL14. SSFA 0 – Emerging Jets 1
Today we woke up early and played our last game of round 1 against emerging jets. We had a great warm up and were ready to play. The first half, they had a lot of shots but were saved by Brodie who did sensational saves, to keep it 0-0 . Millie had an amazing game with outstanding tackles and an amazing slide to save a goal. We had some shots but didn’t end up in a goal. We produced some amazing through balls and amazing pass strings making us been able to hit the counter quick. The second half was intense as both sides had so many opportunities. Tara did amazing at screening, stopping balls going through the holes. Towards the end they had scored a goal making it 1-0 with 5 to go. Overall we had an amazing game. Keep it up suthoo!!! Bella

WPL 15. SSFA 0 v Emerging Jets 6
As Georgia, Paris, Hoffie, Alex, Mia, Kyra, Akala, Dan, Britt and Morgan safely arrived in Japan, the remaining 5 of us (EJ, Ashley, Sarah, Chloe and myself) woke up Sunday morning pumped up for our game with a massive help from the U14’s, who were willing to play with us to represent U15 SSFA. With more than half of our players gone, the pounding speaker in the change rooms and during the warm up just wasn’t the same. Regardless we tried out best to stay focused and put our heads in the game.
EJ stepped up to lead the team as Captain and Ashley kicked off. Newcastle we’re playing through us with their technical foot work and great passes. We would fight to make the ball ours but not hard enough as they would shortly win it back. In the first half the ball was mainly up our end of the field making us defending majority of the time, but we occasionally made some brilliant win backs, runs down the side lines and cut backs (just as we’ve been practicing). We kept the ball from dropping into the back of the net with just enough strength on the ball and some very close goals brilliantly saved by Brodie. That was until 20 minutes into the first half unfortunately we conceded the first goal of the match. That didn’t drop our heads but Newcastle managed to score another 3 goals in that half due to late runs back into the box and loss of communication.
Half time whistle blew and we talked with John listing what we were doing wrong, how to fix it and the positives in the next half to come. As we were set for the whistle we had cleared our heads from the previous scored goals and started the new half fresh.
In the second half we tried to include more things we’ve been doing at training. We had the right ideas and decisions but they wouldn’t work out due to limited communication, not being positioned properly and not many check in’s. Although we let another 2 goals in and did not score any that half we improved our play, worked together as team and had lots of fun!!
A massive thank you to all the 14’s who played with us. Couldn’t have done it with out you (literally). And good luck to all the girls in Japan, thinking of you’s! -Teagan

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