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Sutherland Shire Football Association

WPL SSFA v Illawarra Stingrays (Sun 29th April)

Reserve Grade. SSFA 2 v Illawarra 1
Our Coach Mark is correct, there is a lot of love, camaraderie and positiveness in the Reserve Team and this is even before they go on the field. They literally dance to the beat before and after the serious bit (called the game)!
Illawarra proved to be a formidable opponent, we dominated in the first 15 minutes and we were up 1-0 within 10 minutes, Illawarra however, for the rest of the half kept pushing us back into our goal area. Our first goal was a “yes… we will take that” when Gen drew out the goalie, then kicked a long ball through; the ball was slowly heading toward an open goal. It was one of those moments when time stood still, Kate was running frantically to help the ball into the net, with the opposition scrambling and desperate to keep it out. The question in the end was whether the opposition helped the ball in. We are not sure…. but we took the point!
Literally seconds (which tends to be the case with us) just before half time, Illawarra scored. The girls and coaching staff were not impressed – the “keep it simple” went out the door and the door opened for Illawarra. It was now 1-1. In the change rooms Mark, Geoff and the girls discussed why they couldn’t easily free the ball out of Illawarra’s half, especially from the goal kicks. Illawarra had positioned their team to draw us in, literally squashing the back line. It was decided to adjust our tactics for the second half. With this in mind, we dominated the second half. In the first 20 minutes we pounded their goal area, everyone narrowly missing. Fresh subs continued our fast play and attacking, the back line remained strong. At the 89th minute, Beth was taken out from behind as she had a free run to the goal area, and Sutherland were rewarded a penalty. The penalty was in the box. WOW who was going to take this…. Lani stepped up, lined up and smashed the ball into the back of the net, straight away the whistle blew to finish the game – we won. What mental and nerves of steel you have Lani.
A well-deserved win. Thank you yet again to the Jules and Christina; for filling in for us; and to Britt who put her hand up to help us out also. There was a lot of loud music coming from the change room after!

WPL15. SSFA 0 v Stingrays 3
We kicked off the game and were determined to win the ball. We held our own and made some good passes and through balls but just after a couple minutes of playing, Stingrays managed to make their way through our team and score. 1-0 we kept fighting to win the ball and were determined to get a goal for ourselves but after a while we conceded a corner and Stingrays took advantage of that, slotting yet another goal in, just before half time.
After a long talk with the coaches everyone knew what they had to do in order to get back into the game. Going out into the second half everyone started off fresh and went in hard. There were many great balls into the front third from our midfields and wingers but no luck with scoring. Not getting down everyone tried their hardest to press the ball and use our chances wisely. Then the Stingrays striker took off towards our goals and had a shot. It was then saved but pushed out for a corner. They took their corner and were able to slip yet another goal in. Everyone continued to play on and Stingrays were able to have many corners after that but were unlucky as we cleared them. After winning the ball multiple times and attacking goals, the full time whistle blew.
Unlucky today girls. We’ll get them next time!

Leading up to the match, the fast pace warm up prepped the team and switched them into a football mode mindset of determination and focus. The team got in their positions and the whistle blew signalling kick off.
Sutherland played well first half working around stingrays back line by playing wide and attempting to get crosses in and a shot on goal. Unfortunately stingrays had just a bit more possession throughout the half but Sutherland worked back to defend against them. The half was a pretty even match although Sutherland started off a bit slower and unluckily conceded just before the 35 minutes with a through ball from the middle of the park that resulted in goal. Half time score was stingrays 1, Sutherland 0.
After a motivational and tactical half time team talk, the second half began and Sutherland attempted to remain composed whilst in possession and going forward. With a few more chances on goal, Sutherland just couldn’t seem to finish on target. The game was extremely close and could’ve gone either way. As Sutherland strived to go forward, Stingrays gave away some free kicks. One tackle resulted in our defensive player, Brodie, with a severe leg injury.
The match continued and Sutherland earned a few corners whipped in by Izzy and Sav with Kiara jumping extremely high to get a head on the ball.
Hungry for a goal Sutherland kept working & picked up their pace towards the end of second half and should have a pulled off a goal or two but luck went the other way. Sutherland kept working with a positive attitude going forward, unfortunately in the counter attack by stingrays resulted in another goal, finishing the match at stingrays 2 and Sutherland 0.
The Sutherland girls have a strong back bone and continuously work hard, with their heads held high because they know they deserve better results they have so far achieved . Julia Figueira

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