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Sutherland Shire Football Association

WPL SSFA v MacArthur (Sunday 17 June)

WPL14 – SSFA 1 vs Marcarthur 0
Yesterday we had a sleep in and headed over to Macarthur to verse the Macarthur Rams. We knew it was a game we could win and warmed up with intensity.
When we started the game we pressed high and and that resulted in Millie winning the ball and scoring a lovely goal. We were 1:0 up but we new we weren’t playing the best we could have.
In the second half we improved a little bit towards the last 20 minutes but we still struggled to keep the ball under control. In the last 5 minutes we played a very high intensity game which led us to keeping the win. It was a great feeling to win and we all put in our best efforts – well done girls. Jaime

WPL 15 SSFA 1 Rams 2
Going into the game we felt confident and excited for the whistle to blow. After the team talk we knew what we had to do to win the game.
The game started in windy conditions and we managed to keep MacArthur out of our half by using the new press, “holly”, as well as having good possession with great 1, 2’s and switches of the ball. MacArthur began to show signs of their physical play with strong defending using their bodies to effect. In particular a number of their players were going in harder than expected.
Despite the many unfair tackles we still managed to keep most of the possession.
Coming into the middle of the first half, we were lucky enough for Mia to place a very well earned ball into the back of the net. The goal was produced by a mid fielder slotting the ball in the middle of 2 defenders and with extraordinary pace Mia was able to get there and make the score 1-0.
With half time approaching MacArthur had stepped up their game and managed to score a goal. A Rams girl struck the ball with a right foot, swinging the ball outwards which not even Akala’s outstretched arm could reach. Half time score 1-1
During the break Morgan and Britt game is an encouraging team talk, praising our high press tactics and saying not to be intimidated by their hard hitting tackles.
The second half started strong with much positive communication on the field. Sitting on the sideline I felt the team had lifted and knew what needed to be done. Like the first half we were making breaks down both sides but not quite getting converted in to shots. An unfortunate goal saw us with a 1 goal deficit, this did not mean we were out of the game.
We all tried our hardest to create opportunities that would result in an equal scoreline.
A brave save by Akala led to a re- occurrence of her knee injury which saw Paris step up in goals. With the help of the team Paris was not put under too much pressure. With the sun setting and the temperature dropping so did our chance to equalise. Overall the game was very even, our girls were brave in defeat against a very physical team.
Special mention to Jade, Tilly, Lucy and Nicole from the 14’s for helping us out and doing an amazing job!

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