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Sutherland Shire Football Association

WPL SSFA v Manly United (Sunday, 3rd June 2018)

WPL15 SSFA 0 v Manly United 1
We started the game willing to take on Manly. We were pumped to play with an amazing result from Wednesday night.
We were ready to take on the skill and pressure that was going to happen throughout the game. With a positive talk in the change rooms we knew what had to be down as a team. With passes being played all over the field and through balls bombing the wings, are backs were ready to put pressure on their players.
With the ball up Manly’s end, with shots coming from the wings and strikers Akalas amazing saves stopped the ball going into the back of the net. Not long after Manly were pressing very high on our centre backs it was up to the mid field to receive and show as an option. With their players up their back it was hard for Akala to have option’s. With pressure coming from behind Manly had the chance to slot the ball into the back of the net.
We all knew that we couldn’t drop our heads we remained physical and hungry for the ball but was not lucky enough to place the ball in the net. With Ash, Mia, Paris and Abbey making amazing runs towards goal, with Manly fighting back and wanting to clear it out from their half. With strong defence Georgia, Alex, Dan, Lucy and Chloe they were all able the stop the balls that were being played through. With Tara, Sarah and Kyra holding the middle to stop any shots on goal, we were able to keep the score at 0 – 1 to Manly.
Overall, We all played amazing and all put in 100%. We kept fighting for a goal but with Manly willing to take a win home they kept the pressure on each and everyone of us. We all played so well and did everything we were asked.
Thanks again to the 14’s Abbey, Lucy and Tara for playing up, you all played amazing!! EJ Winston

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