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Sutherland Shire Football Association

WPL SSFA v Northern Tigers (Sunday 8th April)

Reserve Grade. SSFA 3 v Northern Tigers 1
Another scorcher today at home against Northern Tigers. The Reserve team however were in their happy place as finally they had their full squad – welcome back everyone! Mark instructed the team to remember three things going into the game today; 1. Keep the ball, 2. movement throughout the field, and 3. speed. WPL needs speed and accuracy. It didn’t happen the entire game but it did happen and it was enough to bring the team home with a win.
The back line was exceptional toady with Kellie, Maddie, Lauren, Rosch and Zoe being strong. Our goals came from a team effort often forming from either the back or midfield, who fed great passes to Beth, Georgia and Ash who took it home with goals today. Once again Emma in goals kept her cool and saved many nail biting situations. Well done girls you are working well together and developing as a team.

Following up from a previous defeat in the pre-season, the girls took the field eager and attentive to beat Northern Tigers this time around. Warming up, we tried to remain composed and hydrated before the opening whistle blew. From kick off, the girls were pressing together well and were winning the ball efficiently. However it wasn’t long until Tigers seized an opportunity to take the lead, taking a shot a bit out of Bella’s reach falling just over the Goal line. 1-0.
Tigers continued to press against us, consequently creating another opportunity for them to double their lead making it 2-0. Feeling a little undeserving to be 2-0 down, Sutho responded immediately with Izzy putting a ball over the defence line to Christina, knocking the ball into the net. 2-1 at half-time.
The second half proved to be just as challenging as the first. Sutho tried their best to equalise, but were very unlucky with offside calls and unfortunately ended the game 2-1. It was a great effort by all the girls today, remaining strong and determined throughout the entirety of the game. Thankyou to the 15’s Girls; Georgia, Paris and Danielle who played well for us following from their own game.

WPL15.SSFA 1 v Northern Tigers 4
After last week’s fantastic win and a great week of training we were prepared and ready to take the pitch. We knew how this team played and worked at training to adapt our playing style slightly.
The whistle blew and before we knew it Northern Tigers were came out at us strong and quickly. We kept in there and managed to get a few balls forward. Unfortunately they pounced and were able to get one in the back of the net, making it 1-0. They managed to create another opportunity leaving the score 2-0 to Northern Tigers at half time.
After our half time talk we knew what we needed to do and were determined to bring ourselves back into the game and compete our player/team tasks.
Northern kept fighting and managed get a breakaway and get it in the back of the net 3-0. We weren’t going to let this get our heads down. Working hard throughout the whole field we created several opportunities for our forwards and with a great pass from Abbey, Paris was able to find the back of the net with a beautiful finish. Great goal Paris! The score now 3-1 with about 20 minutes to go. Both teams moving the ball well making it hard for each other to defend against and stay composed. Northern Tigers were lucky to receive a corner where they capitalised on the opportunity and found themselves a goal. Final score 4-1 Northern Tigers.
Overall, the game has given us things to work on at training and improve upon. We need to keep our heads up and come out firing against Bankstown!! Also thanks to the U14s Abbey and Tilly for playing up, you girls played brilliantly!

U14s SSFA 2 vs Northern Tigers 2.
This morning we started fresh and fired up. We all had a great warm up, hoping this would reflect how we played. The first 15 minutes of the game were great, leading into an early goal by Jamie. Further on into the game we started to drop, we forgot about what we learned at training this week. We were trying to pump balls up to our forwards but rushed through the process. We needed to take our time and switch the ball back and forth – this would give us time. Our passing wasn’t accurate which meant we lacked possession and we were continuously chasing the ball, which then lead to a goal from our opposition. This team was very physical, but we fought back. Just before the first half ended, Meagan sadly injured her knee. The second half was quite similar to our first , very slow and once again our passes were inaccurate. Most of the time when we took the corners, the ball rolled straight past us and the goal, when all we had to do was simply tap the ball in. We all had great runs. Bronte’s run resulted in an amazing goal from outside the box. We were now winning 2-1 and we already thought we had won the game but unfortunately they scored a goal right at the end of the game. The score ended up 2-2. We need to to fix our passing, we can’t expect to win when we give the ball to the other team. Great game girls, let’s get pumped for next week! Giules 😊

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