Saturday, November 16, 2019
Sutherland Shire Football Association

WPL. SSFA v Sydney Uni (Sun 25 March)

Reserve Grade. SSFA 0 v Syd Uni 1

Even with 4 players out and 3 being strikers, the Reserve team did not enter the game with in trepidation but rather with determination. The intensity of the game was high, with both sides not ever giving in. The game was fast paced and once again the temperatures hovered around the 32-degree mark, leading to drink breaks. It was a tough game; the mid fielders were always covered so advancements were made down the sidelines. Our defence worked non-stop. A special mention to Emma in goals who was on alert every step of the way. A special thanks to Meagan from the 14’s, Kiara, Leanna and Julia from the 17’s after having played full games with their own team, turned around and supported us with 100% effort. It was unfortunate that minutes before half time an own goal occurred from a corner. We held our own against Uni, we concentrated, it was intense and this gives us anticipation and confidence in the weeks to come.

WPL15. SSFA 0 v Uni 1.

Moving up into division 1, we realised that we were going to be up against faster and stronger teams and nevertheless we were always up for the challenge. As we were warming up for our game against Sydney University we knew that today was going to be no different and that we were going to be ready for whatever Sydney Uni threw at us.
The whistle blew to signal the start of the first half. Sydney Uni kicked off which meant that we were all on our toes and ready to win the ball back. Throughout the first half we put all of the things we practiced in training to action. We switched the ball with firm and accurate passes and worked hard to transition into attack and defence. Both teams had many chances in their front 3rd, however, Sydney University were the ones to get ball in the back of the net changing the score to 1-0. Even though we were down a goal we didn’t let that affect our game and kept pushing on. Soon the whistle blew again and we headed off to the change rooms.
While we were in the change rooms we discussed what we were doing great and things we we needed to change and improve on. After our chat, we were determined to come out strong and show Sydney Uni what we were made of.
We made our way onto the field to start the second half off and this time it was our turn to kick off. Once again the ball was travelling up and down the field with no team really dominating the other. Compared to the 1st half we had a lot more opportunities up front and shots on goal however we just couldn’t get any in the back of the net. Everyone from our attackers to midfields to defenders worked really hard in defense to win the ball back. Even though we all played great today, Akala made so many amazing saves and was my player of the match. Awesome job Akala!!! Overall, we all played out of our skins and it was unfortunate that we lost.
Thanks again to the U14’s for playing up for us again. We all really appreciate the fact that you girls can play anywhere at anytime without complaining so we can have a bit of a breather. Thanks again to Tilly, Millie, Giules and B!!! Thanks to Daniella Batten for this weeks match report

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