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WPL: SSFA vs Sydney Olympic Match Report 13th March 2016

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Women’s Premiere League: SSFA vs Sydney Olympic

Match Date:  Sunday, March 13th 2016


WPL 13’s:  SSFA 3 v Sydney Olympic 2

Goals:  Paris 1, Kiani 1, Holly 1

We all knew this was going to be a tough game as it would be our first challenge for the season. I think going into the game we had heads held high and were all excited and pumped for what we were coming up against. After boots on and our warm up we started to do our usual drills, we were focused and ready by the time the whistle blew for the line-up. Sydney Olympic kicked off and the game was under way, we made some great runs up our wings and a couple in the middle just in the first few minutes. Throughout the game I thought we learnt quite quickly how they like to play and how physical they were. Hoffy, Alex and Holly were great at pass completion and being physical. Although the first goal was scored by the other team it was great how no one put their heads down, we fought in the heat and tried our hardest and as a result we came back with a goal equalising the score.


We were passing the ball a lot better and our pass completion was much higher than our last game I think. Our half time score was 2-1 our way, and after a talk with Geoff about pressing, pass completion and more we were back out on the field ready to go. Our second half I thought we had a little more control of the ball and hitting more of our passes. Our backs did a great deal of running as did our mids and forwards but Georgia, Hoffy, Lucy, Lani and Megan did amazing playing the defensive role beating players and not letting the other team take shots.

As well as our forwards doing awesome at having shots and beating players especially Keira, Holly, Megan, Lani and Kiani. Today Geoff set goals for most of the positions and I thought we conquered them. The end result today was an awesome one, the score was 3-2 our way. After a warm down we went into the change rooms and after our first victory we had to celebrate with the legendary cheer, and with the great idea from Lani to bang on the seats while we sang as loud as we can, I think it was heard from a mile away.

Our main goal today was to give Geoff that big smile he wanted and we did that! Great game today girls and it’s awesome to walk away with such a well-deserved win!


WPL 15’s:  SSFA 1 v Sydney Olympic Score 1

SSFA Goal Scorers: Amelia Rader

We find ourselves this week in inner city suburbia, in the Greek heartland of Belmore. Disappointing not to see a Souvlaki Stand as we entered the arena for Breakfast. The parents all waited with apprehension knowing the girls all had the big bonding day at Jamberoo the day before and many seemed to be dragging their heels before the game had even begun and it did not help that the day again was warm and energy to run hard for the entire game would be tested.

The game began tight and congested in the middle of the park and before barely 5 minutes into the match Sydney Olympic put one in the back of our net. The great thing to see was the girls did not drop their heads and allow the opposition to continue to dominate.

Great work by Jaydan on the left with fierce winning of close one on one clashes, drives down the wing and crosses into a waiting Bianca in the box who had some good early chances. Ashlee dominated the middle strongly, winning the ball and feeding it onto the forward line. Zoe started well and defended confidently at the back alongside Lauren as the game settled and the ball went back and forth on either side of the halfway line.

Amelia came on and made an instant impact with chances continuing through the half but just not quite able to pull the trigger in time with shots on goal to really test the Olympic Keeper. Bailey was strong in the air at the back keeping the opposition attacks at bay. Jasmine fought hard in the mid’s trying to win the ball at every chance while Tahlee provided good cover defence with the odd run up the field to assist in some Sutherland attacks. Great work by Lana to track back and win the ball giving the opposition no respite. Lauren swept up beautifully along the back line and then fed some nice balls through to the mids. Bob covered the left side of the park all day while Enya was confident and calm between the sticks and put her body on the line time and time again to smother out any chances at goal. Toward the end of the half Jaydan had a sensational left side goal line to goal line run and was unlucky to go all the way and score while Amelia began to test the Olympic Keeper with strong on target shots on goal. The half ended with the game evenly poised.

A tactical change saw Bob start the second half strongly with high pressure of the opposition back line pressing high up the pitch. Lana fed good through balls to the front line as Bianca continued to hassle and bustle her way through the lines of defence. Shaylee worked tirelessly in the mids, winning balls and looking out wide to open Olympic up. Sutherland now were on top and were parked in the opposition half. Corners, shots at goal and headers from crosses into the box repeated over a good period of position for our girls. Ashlee continued her dominance with incisive through balls behind Olympic’s back line only to be halted by Offside flags. Lauren fed nice lofted balls to our wide attackers as Charlotte began to come into the game with strong tackling, winning all of the 50-50 clashes followed by nice balls being fed to the front line attack also. Shaylee began to make some chances with attacking runs at one end while Enya continued to time her runs out to grab the ball with assertion at the other end.

The clock was running out for the girls who did not give up at any point even when Jaydan went down with a dislocated knee and all concern from the entire team and the sideline was for her well-being. Even as she was being carried off she still had a smile on her face. One tough cookie there and a big loss to the team. Hopefully she will return soon.

Olympic now seemed to be parked in our half with our defence under constant barrage of shots, free kicks and corners which were kept out with desperate defence from all our girls. Bailey covered the left side with efficiency as Lauren and Zoe closed down the middle and Tahlee kept the right side at bay. Our odd break away attack continued to be thwarted by the Offside flag. Good work by Lana, Jasmine and Bob who worked hard to get the ball through the middle of the park and push the ball forward to finally win us a corner and put the pressure back on Olympic. Bailey sprinted up from her rear guard position, placed the ball and calmly floated a dangerous ball into the six yard box, which then saw a mad scramble to get to the ball first. And who might find themselves with the ball at her feet? It was Amelia who quickly dispatched the ball into the back of the net pulling the game back to an even keel at 1-1.

With now only minutes to play Olympic continued to press. Now with a minute remaining Sutherland had to defend a free kick just outside our box. As we watched the ball sail wide of the post we all breathed a collective sigh of relief as the final whistle blew. A hard fought draw was the final result. Considering the energy zapping Jamberoo day from the day before and the heat on the day, the girls should be pride of their never say die attitude right throughout the game. A great result and well done girls!!!


WPL 17’s:  SSFA 4 v Sydney Olympic 0

SSFA Goal Scorers:  Nicola 2 & Kristen 2

We must be cursed in the 17’s with only 10 players available today & one of them being Kristen who was meant to ease her way back in after injury.  This seems to be a familiar pattern from last year & into this year with 6 of the squad sitting on the bench injured so a big thanks has to go to Bob, Amelia & Ash again for filling in.

It was a hot day again & once the game finally got under way we got stuck in playing some good controlled Football in a game that was looking pretty even.  Olympic were at their physical best, but as the half wore on, our quick ball movement was taking its toll on them.  Defensively we were solid & were using Emma well in goals when in trouble as well as shifting the team quickly into attack when possible.

wpl17 15 mar

Things started to really click midway through the 1st half & when Zoe Y played a great cross finding Nicola steaming into the box to head the ball into the net.  The first of some real quality goals.  Our next came in the 2nd half when some good passing combinations in the midfield found Kristen in behind the Olympic defence.  A classy bit of work to round the Keeper & finish off the good play.  If not for their Keeper we would’ve had a few more.

Our last 2 goals came off crosses with players queuing up to score & putting the finishing touches on a super display from the side.

Still lots of improvement to be made which should be putting fear into our opponents for the season ahead.

Bring on Proctor.


WPL 1st Grade:  SSFA 1 v Sydney Olympic 1

Goals:  Verity (1)

It was definitely a game of tag team for us on Sunday. Despite only having 18 players for our senior squad, Sydney Olympic wanted to play two games which meant it was all hands on deck for both games.  Lucky game time was reduced to 35 minutes per half and again, it was a very hot day so drinks breaks were a great relief.

The first game found Sydney Olympic playing a very different style of soccer to us, but our back line adjusted well to keep them from scoring. The girls had a few chances and played well and came off after 70 minutes at 0-0.  The second game was a little different.  Sydney Olympic played a style of soccer very similar to ours.  Despite all girls having already played, they did well to keep the ball moving and created a few chances.

Verity took advantage of a mistake from their fullback to put the ball in the back of the net. Sydney Olympic equalized with a goal in the second half.  The girls did a great job, all playing two games of soccer on a very hot day.  Look forward to having the next couple of weeks off and preparing for the season ahead, which I know will be a good one for our Senior Squad.

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