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WPL. Sutherland Shire FA V’s Inter Lions. Sunday 21st August 2016

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Reserve Grade SSFA 1 – Inter 0

This is my last report so please bear with me.
The reserve grade played their last game gallantly, bowing out of the competition with a win thanks to an early goal scored by Roisin. Could have been a more impressive result had all our girls’ shots on goal hit the target but a win is a win! This was a well played game, true to the SSFA playing philosophy. The girls took possession and passed the ball around, like they have learnt to do throughout the year. Their style has gained them praise from many supporters of good football including opposing team officials and parents. The injuries to our attacking players meant there was a constant reshuffling of players and less goals scored than desired.

The team ended up fifth on the competition table, just 4 points behind fourth place.


I’d like to thank a few people:
1. The SSFA for providing the girls in the Shire with an opportunity to play football at representative level and for giving me the opportunity to manage this team.
2. Emily Medina of Jubilee Sports Physiotherapy who maintained a friendly approach at all times without compromising her professional service.
3. The many players from other teams who helped when we were low on numbers.
4. The Coach, Mark Greenfield who dared to allow me to write these reports after each game and trusted me to look after his team. He always believed in these girls and they rewarded him for his loyalty.

And last but not least, the players:
Emma G:    The brave goalkeeper who played two games every Sunday
Emma B:    Put a brilliant show as a No2, played with heart and few went past her.
Kate S:        Her vocal instructions and encouragements matched her prowess in the back line.
Anika Z:      A solid defender with lots of experience and tenacity.
Maxine R:   Played as a 5 and ran up and down the field all day! Good team work with Em W.
Carly B:        Cool, calm and collected! Looks can be deceiving; she was lethal in the midfield.
Lauren K:     Watch out! She is the rock who sweeps everything and is extremely skilful.
Georgia M: A hardworking bundle of energy with a ‘never give up’ attitude.
Hannah B:   Skilful midfielder who managed to tackle and pass elegantly.
Catherine F: Football gets this girl fired up! Slotted into the No7 spot and enjoyed every minute of it.
Vanya J:      Superfast on the wings and never stopped trying hard.
Emily W:     Every assistant referee’s nightmare playing as an 11! Runs like a lightning bolt!
Roisin C:    Played as a No9, dribbling the ball away from the opposition and sneaking in goals!
Maddie F:  A solid No9 who won tackles, got away from defenders and scored goals over and above being the team Captain!
This was a young team made up of high school and university students. Well done girls.
Good luck for next year. I will be thinking of you, praying that the team is not plagued with the same amount of injuries as this year. Good bye from me.


WPL First Grade.  SSFA 1  –   Inter 1

[Heartbreaking] Details available at the FNSW website


WPL13.  SSFA  0-  Inter 1 (lost)

We woke up this morning pumped for the game. At the brand new Fraser Park fields we had planes, trains and automobiles to deal with. After the initial struggle of trying to find the change rooms we walked out onto the field ready to fight for the minor premiership.

We waited patiently for our 25m cones to be set up. Then the whistle blew. In the first few minutes Kyra E passed the ball to me and when I took a shot the ball skimmed the cross bar going over (bugger).       After 10 mins Inter Lions scored it was now 1-0.

Lucy was doing some good runs up the left wing, trying to get the ball forward, but she kept getting run down by the opposition. Most of the first half was spent up the other end with Aimee and Akala saving a lot of goal attempts.

The half time whistle blew and we weren’t giving up. Mia had some good shots on goal but unfortunately nothing found the back of the net. As the final whistle blew we were so gutted that we’d lost.  Disappointed for ourselves, our coaches and our parents.  The good news is, we will fight harder next week. We will learn from our mistakes and move forward. Well done everyone!!!


WPL15.  SSFA  1  – Inter 2

SSFA Goal Scorers: Leanna Snudden

Our first match all season on synthetic turf and we were playing for the minor premiership title against a team that had a point to prove as they were not in race for finals.

We started the game well, playing attractive creative football. Our passes were accurate and we had a few chances early in the match that we were unlucky not to convert. We looked the better team and the parents were feeling confident.

However with football anything can happen. A short time later, Inter Lions made a break and received a penalty – a very unlucky call as there had been no contact. The fairest result occurred, Enya intimidated the player and the ball was struck with much power and missed by miles.

The whole game was very close and the teams were very even. Inter scored in the first half just before half time, which indicates that the girls were feeling the heat and the pressure. It was a great shot on goal and unfortunately it was one of those unstoppable goals.

After the half time break, the girls kept their heads up and kept pressing Inter Lions a few changes were made to push forward and Leanna was able to get through the defensive line and made sure that the keeper was beaten.

The score was even. We needed to win and the girls kept pressing, but as we pushed everyone forward, Inter broke away and luck was not on our side as they converted with their only other opportunity.

Heads up girls, you have come 2nd. That is an achievement and you are in the race for the finals. Each one of teams in the Top 4 you have beaten, so let’s go and win the Grand Final. We are Sutherland and we are proud!

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