WPL17‘s SSFA vs Northbridge Bulls Sunday 25th April

WPL17‘s SSFA vs Northbridge Bulls Sunday 25th April

Let’s be honest that wasn’t our best game but we can learn from it in 2 ways, understand what we didn’t do and what they did do. The first 15 minutes of the first half we were lacking hunger for the ball where as Northbridge were hungry and first to the ball almost every time. They used our lack of hunger to then create opportunity and score. We then lifted and held our game much better. The intensity grew and we were finding feet.

For the first 10 minutes of the second half we continued to hold them up. However as the second half went on we slowly lost hunger for the ball and went back to just kicking instead of finding feet. This meant Northbridge had majority of the possession. We gave them too much room and they once again found the opportunity to score.

On a positive note we did not once drop our heads clearly seen in Tara’s shot in the last 2 minutes. Christie saving great shots right through to the end. The passing had its ups and downs but there was many great through balls and even playing back to help our team reset and then find space.

This game was a good learning experience for our team helping us physically and mentally grow. Next week we can hopefully come back stronger and play how we have previously played.



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