Champion of Champions: Final

The Champion of Champions Showdown brought together some of the most talented youth and senior soccer teams. The SSFA had 5 teams competing in the competition from the likes of Lilli Pilli, Como Jannali and Cronulla Seagulls. Lets have a look at the results:

Lilli Pilli Women’s Under 15s:

Lilli Pilli FC 0

Wakehurst FC 4 (Clagnah ‘4, 8 ‘41, Gard ‘30)

In a match that got off to a blistering start, the Lilli Pilli Women’s Under 15s faced a tough challenge from Wakehurst FC. Unfortunately, they couldn’t recover from conceding an early goal in the opening three minutes. Despite the 4-0 loss, the team displayed remarkable spirit and determination. We look forward to seeing them back in action next year.

Lilli Pilli FC: 2 BROWN Makayla 3 CROSS Evy 4 PALTRIDGE Matilda 5 LOEWENTHAL Ella 6 MORAN Emily 7 SIMPERLER Tamra 8 CALLANAN Chloe 10 SEIDEL Jade 11 ROBB Sophie 12 JOHNSTON Zahli 12 SMITH Elsie 19 KEMISTER Maddison 21 JOHNSTON Layla 23 DE BATTISTA Sabina 31 GEELAN Cyan 98 KENT Gabrielle 99 DUFFY Lara

Cronulla Seagulls Soar in Under 18:

Cronulla Seagulls FC 1 (Aiden Fielder 78’)

Wakehurst Football Club 0

The Under 18 encounter between Cronulla Seagulls and Wakehurst Football Club was a closely contested battle, with both teams leaving it all on the field. In a thrilling match where opportunities abounded on both ends, it was the Seagulls who emerged victorious with a spectacular long-range goal in the 77th minute. This moment of brilliance secured a well-deserved 1-0 win.

Cronulla Seagulls FC: 2. Jackson Greck, 3. Jack Rich, 4. Clay Smith, 8. Will Collins, 9. Matthew Nunn, 10. Luka Oliveri, 14. Harry Hindle, 15. Jack Moreira, 17. Aiden Fielder, 20. Jackson Fox, 21. Oliver Gravenor, 22. Patrick Schwartz, 23. Luke Cutcliffe, 27. Luca Alegria Ferreira, 56. Logan Coffey, 64. Haydon Roberts,

Cronulla Seagulls Under 21:

Cronulla Seagulls 1 (Anthony Mann 90+1’)

Brookvale FC 2 (Luca Ball 44’, Thomas Sims 89’)

In the Under 21 matchup, the match was marked by extreme winds that added an extra layer of complexity to the game. Brookvale FC scored an unfortunate goal just before halftime, which set the tone for the rest of the match. In a thrilling comeback bid, Cronulla managed to find the net in stoppage time through Anthony Mann (#44), but it wasn’t enough to change the final scoreline.

Cronulla Seagulls: 2. William LUMB, 4. Benjamin ARMSTRONG, 7. Jackson SUMICH, 9. Adam CASTLE, 10. Luke ROBERTS, 12. Kyle YEO, 13. Dimitry KHACHUMOV, 14. Ryan HARDIE, 15. Joshua ANDERSON, 16. Martin CHAVE, 23. Bailey FOWLER, 24. Jamie BOLLARD, 29. James NUNN, 42. Lachlan ZDEBSKI, 44. Anthony MANN, 66. James RIACH

Como Jannali Dominates the Over 35 Men’s Division:

Como Jannali SC 8 (Brad Heffernan 3, Matthew Pickover 3, Dominic Young, Kane Curran)

Springwood United FC 1 (Sean Green)

The Over 35 Men’s division witnessed Como Jannali SC’s dominance. Como Jannali started strong, scoring the opening goal within the first 5 minutes, and they maintained their momentum to lead 3-0 at halftime. The team’s performance was a testament to their skill and teamwork, earning them a well-deserved win.

Como Jannali SC: 1. Nicholas Reily, 2. Michael Keep, 4. Zeb Thornton, 6. Monte Pfrengle, 7. Ben Kasznik, 8. Dominic Young, 9. Matthew Keep, 10. Brad Heffernan, 13. Paul Stuart, 15. Andrew Paine, 19. Kane Curran, 23. Christopher Clarke, 20. Matthew Pickover, 30. Mitchell Cole, 32. Andrew Keep, 44. Norman Johnston

Cronulla’s Over 45 Men’s :

Cronulla Seagulls 0

Hurstville City Minotaurs 1 (Manuel Sarikakis)

In the Over 45 Men’s division, the match was evenly contested, but an early miscommunication between Cronulla’s defense and the goalkeeper resulted in Hurstville taking the lead in the opening minutes. Despite chances for both sides, the score remained 1-0, leading to a heartbreaking loss for Cronulla.

Cronulla Seagulls: 1. Jason Bowler, 2. Shane Paul, 3. Darren Smith, 4. Daniel Volarich, 5. Stephen Woosnam, 6. Matthew Grant, 7. Andre Spinovic, 8. Matthew Lumb, 9. John Cuciti, 10. Ben Condon, 11. Jeff Podesta, 12. Peter Oliver, 14. Harry Christodoulou, 15. Simon Murray, 16. Mal Smith, 19. Brett Dingeldei, 22. Darren Wood, 23. David Johnson, 24. Darren Rossen, 31. Troy Porter, 61. Stephen Milne, 67. Mark Asplet, 80. Craig Lucas


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