We arrived at Bathurst greeted with some ordinary weather, as constant rain across fell across most of NSW. Jono our Coach got the team warmed up and some special tactics to counter Western NSW’s strong start to the season without any losses.

Our boys came out firing and pressing hard against a polished and fast attack from Western NSW. Their speed worked very well for them at the middle & front with all 4 goals in the first half coming from crosses into the box and were meet with pinpoint accuracy from first time shots on goal. The score at half time was 4-0.

After some wise words of wisdom from Coach Jono and changes of positional play, the boys had a point to prove. The changes made had a positive effect through the second half with 3 strong chances from Brad, Daniel and Ethan on goal without luck this time. Western NSW scored their last goal through a well weighted through ball and the final score 5-0 loss.

AYL15 Manager


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