Meet Melissa Wiggins: Our New GSAP Head Coach on a Mission for Growth and Development

We are pleased to introduce Melissa Wiggins, the latest addition to our coaching staff, who will be taking the reins as the head coach for our GSAP (Girls Skill Acquisition Program) and Coach of the GSAP 10s. With a wealth of experience and a passion for nurturing young talent, Melissa is poised to take our teams to new heights.

Coaching Excellence

In 2023, Melissa took the helm of the SSFA GSAP 12 team, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. Leading the team to victory in the Proctor Cup in February 2023 and securing a second-place finish in the Sydney FC Cup 12/13’s competition, her coaching prowess is undeniable.

Melissa’s dedication to player development is demonstrated by her over six years of coaching local youth community teams, spanning age groups from U9 to U14 and W16. Her commitment to honing the skills and abilities of young players is commendable.

A Strong Coaching Pedigree

In her coaching journey, Melissa has achieved significant milestones. She holds a Football Australia ‘C’ Licence, earned in November 2022. Her dedication to coaching excellence is evident in her recognition as a recipient of the NSW Football Legacy Fund scholarship for the Advanced Coach Education C Licence Course. Additionally, she completed the Fast Track for Female Coaches Scholarship in May 2023, demonstrating her commitment to advancing her coaching knowledge and skills.

Playing Experience

Melissa’s expertise extends beyond the sidelines. As a player, she brings an international perspective. She has played football in three countries, including elite levels in Canada and New Zealand. During her junior years, she represented her youth team in Canada from ages 14 to 18. Not only did she excel on the field, but she also played a crucial role in developing and participating in the first women’s team at a university college in Canada. Her talents even earned her a scholarship to play for a Canadian university team.

A Passion for Youth Development

What truly sets Melissa apart is her passion for coaching and mentoring youth football players. Her mission is to provide them with a positive, challenging, and fun learning environment. She believes in nurturing their fundamental skills and helping them reach their full potential.

In her own words, “I am truly excited to embark on this incredible journey of growth and development with the team. My passion lies in coaching and mentoring youth football players, and my goal is to provide them with an environment that is not only positive but also challenging and fun. Together, we will work to enhance their fundamental skills, nurturing their talents and helping them reach their full potential. I believe that by fostering this dynamic and supportive atmosphere, we can achieve remarkable progress and create a team that not only excels on the field but also grows as individuals.”

We are eager to see the positive impact Melissa Wiggins will bring to our GSAP team. Her experience, dedication, and commitment to youth development make her an invaluable addition to our coaching staff. We look forward to a season filled with growth, learning, and success under her guidance.

Welcome, Coach Melissa Wiggins!

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