Perfect soccer conditions at Harrie Denning, our home fortress.

Our coaches Peter and Tyler had us fired up and ready to roll like a sausage down a slippery dip.

During the first half there were three cracking goals scored by Bobby, Jesper and Anton, with Ryan and Kacper assisting the goals.  This result led us into the second half with confidence.

After hearing Peter and Tylers feedback during  half time, we learnt that we need to work on pushing up when the opposing team has the ball, and not just booting it back to them. Also, the defense learnt that they need to be more compact when the other team has the ball.

When the second half commenced, we were wary of the Hills making a come back similar to what happened in our last game. Unfortunately we conceded one lucky goal In the second half, making the overall score 3-1. I want to congratulate the hills on their efforts during the game, they’re also improving as a team.

Overall we played well and we are ready for next week’s game against Blacktown. If we put our new strategies into action we are definitely going to have a high chance for success.

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