After a disappointing loss against Southern Branch in our last game, we all had to work twice as hard to keep our spot high in the table. Despite all the pressure we did not disappoint!

We didn’t start the game at our best, and the first half turned into an arm-wrestle with neither side fully on top. We needed to open up more and play simple, rather than continuing to play into traffic.

We were much improved in the second half, and scored soon after the break with some impressive interplay. After playing through traffic several times we decided put our training to use with Nathan & Lucas combining to create a dangerous crossing situation – Anton did well to win the ball and score.

Our whole team was starting to click into gear and the defence weren’t giving any opportunities to North-West.

The second goal of the match all started from us putting in the effort to win the ball back. After great work by Nathan to intercept the ball, Anton played a great through ball to Lucas out wide, who ran from deep and finished well. A simple early pass to the player in space…something we need to do more.

Possibly the best goal of the match was done in a total of 11 passes from one side of the field to the other. Prior to watching this back, I didn’t realise how well everything built up. Defender to defender, defender to midfielder, midfielder to winger, right winger crosses to left winger (Ryan) and we score. Congrats to Ryan on his first goal of the season, and to the team for working well together to score a ‘team goal’. It’s so much easier when we play simple and to the player in space.

After a well fought battle, the match concludes 3-0.

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