An early start to what turned out to be a cracking day for football! The girls opponent was Norther Tigers at North Turramurra.

Coach Fil was unfortunately away for this week’s match but had organised Coach Bill to attend and assist the girls in what was going to be a tough game. The girls were super pumped to have Bill help them this week at the game. They were thrown a new formation to stop the Tigers from scoring and it was working very well.

We had Koa in goals 1st half, who whilst is not confident, made some amazing saves to stop the Tigers in their way for the most part of the half. The Tigers went into half time with only a 1 – 0 lead. Bill was very impressed with the girls passing and intensity during the 1st half and wanted the same for the 2nd.

The girls tried to stay strong in the 2nd half with some great defense by Shantel, Kirra, Allegra and Ayla. The girls in the midfield stood strong in both attack and defence. We only had a number of chances on target and went down 2-0. A much better improvement from last time we met this team earlier on in the year!

Coach Fil would have been proud of your performance. Thank you to Bill in helping the girls become better footballers. We really appreciate it!

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