Versing Bankstown was an intense one,

playing on a synthetic field can be easy in sunny weather but today it was hard because of the rain.

When the kick off whistle blew we were ready but not ready enough, we weren’t giving it our best effort in the 1st half, we were still communicating and working hard whilst not letting anyone get past us, our defence line up was great.

At half time we got a heavily inspired pep talk from our coach Melissa, she portrayed the perfect match for us and wanted us to  create it. And we did that.

Melissa and Belinda changed up our positions a bit so everyone could be in their most preferred position for the rest of the game, it was really fun playing in centre back again!

The second half was off! We were on fire the second half, everyone was first to the ball, in the first minute of the second half Emmy scored a goal, a bit after that Audrey got an amazing skilled goal, straight after that Tamika ran the whole field and scored all by herself! Plus after that Cha Cha scored a great goal.

The game ended with a score of 4-0 our way, I believe that everyone deserved to win man of the match as we all did so good, but Tamika deserved it the most by how hard she worked. As Tamika got man of the match everyone was happy for her and we ended with a good finish.

I loved today’s game and can’t wait to go back to training tomorrow! Thank you Belinda and Melissa for making me captain for todays game I loved every second of it.

By Zola ⚽️💙

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