Sutherland Strikers Representative Working Group (RWG)

For season 2024, the SSFA Executive Committee have implemented the creation of a Representative Working Group (RWG).

It is intended that the constituents of the RWG will be representatives of the SSFA Executive Committee, SSFA Management and a cross section of participants in the SSFA Representative community. The RWG will be responsible for oversight of the delivery of operational components of the SSFA Representative programs.

The purpose of the group will be to enhance the overall experience of our season by assisting with the following:

  • Organisation of duty roster for ground set up and take down, as well as Canteen and BBQ duties.
  • Oversee the function of the Canteen (and BBQ) at SSFA – including advice and support for staffing.
  • Support coaches, managers and referees on match day to ensure a seamless delivery.
  • Facilitate and oversee agreed functions and presentations for pre, during and post season.
  • Management of supplied football equipment (including proper care, storage and maintenance)

We are seeking expressions of interest from our Representative community to join the Representative Working Group and help us continue to build the brand of the Sutherland Strikers throughout 2024. Ideally, we would love to have a participant representative from each of our playing groups: SAP, GSAP, AYL and GYL.

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