SSFA Sky Blue Summer 6’s: Let the Games Begin!

The much-anticipated 2023 SSFA Sky Blue Summer 6’s competition is finally upon us, kicking off this Friday. Get ready for an action-packed 10-week tournament!

Here’s what you need to know:

Fixture and Schedule

To keep track of your team’s matches, check out the fixtures HERE. Most games will start at either 5 pm or 5:45 pm every Friday. Teams will face different opponent’s multiple times, adding excitement to the competition.

SSFA/SKY Blue Summer 6’s  ROUND 10 TABLE

Venue Map

Familiarise yourself with the venue using the precinct map available HERE. It will help you navigate and locate your team’s pitch with ease.

Rules and Regulations

Understand the rules and regulations to ensure fair play. Access them HERE.

Team Managers’ Responsibilities

Team Managers, your role is crucial. Please arrive at the control tent 45 minutes before your first game to collect Sydney FC reversible playing shirts for your team. These jerseys represent your team with pride on the field.

Contact Us

For any questions or assistance, reach out to our team at

Have fun and score those goals!


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