SSFA 13 GSAP vs South East Phoenix Sunday 11th March

SSFA 13 GSAP vs South East Phoenix 13 GSAP

Game 1 of the 2023 Season was a trip to Nowra to play South East Phoenix. We took the field as a team but for 9 of us, this was our first game for SSFA and we were nervously excited.

We started the game well and had a lot of possession but struggled to penetrate their backline. They seemed to have an answer for everything we threw (or kicked) at them, including a couple of great attempts from Charlize, Sammy and Zoe, but we knew we needed to maintain possession and be patient.

Just before half time, with some great persistence we finally scored our first goal through some fancy footwork at close range from Liv.

We came back on in the second half feeling confident and the goals started to follow. After a few super close attempts from Poppy, Charlize added to our total with an awesome shot, then Zoe booted the ball into the back of the net to secure our third goal for the game. Soon after, Belle made a break on the wing and took the ball all the way to the back of the net before Liv made it a double for her and 5 for us.

Our backs were solid and kept the ball up the right end of the pitch for most of the game. Issy had a quiet game in goals but did everything she needed to on the odd occasion the ball got through to her. Everyone contributed and we were happy with how we played.

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