GSAP 11 SSFA v St George Sunday 25th April

GSAP 11s  SSFA v St George Sunday 25th April

SSFA GSAP 11s played St George FC at Bates Drive. As it was Anzac Day, we made a circle with the St George players before the game for a minute silence while we listened to The Last Post and the Ode.

Then we did our 3, 2, 1, ‘Sutho’ and the game was on. Our goal for the game from Coach Jas was passing to feet.

I was on the left wing and did a big switch kick to the right wing for Sophie to run onto. Sophie kicked the ball and it just got over the line before the keeper could save it. I won player of the match for my good passing.

Our centre backs, Kyah and KK, tried their best to cover the goal and stop the ball from getting to Izzy in goals.

Izzy made some amazing saves including one where she stopped a big shot. The ball rebounded to another St George player who was about to kick it in but Izzy stuck her leg out to stop it again. It was so good!!

It was a very tough game against a strong St George team who played well and passed a lot. We also worked hard with lots of running and tackling.

We are still working on releasing the ball earlier and making sure we get into space for the pass.

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